34 Badass Boy Names That Will Make Your Son Stand Out

badass boy names

Picking a name for your baby boy can be quite tricky. For one, names have a lot of power, from the way they sound to what they mean. So, it is important to choose one that will convey exactly how strong and confident your child will become in the future.

With so many tough and edgy options for you to choose from, it can be challenging to find the right one. Luckily, this article’s here to help you with a list of the most captivating badass boy names. Read on, and happy picking!

Rare Badass Boy Names


1. Baldwyn — is a unique name with Germanic origins that roughly translates to a brave friend. So, if you want your boy to become a fearless man, naming him Baldwyn is a must.

2. Maddox — is not only a pretty rare name, but it also has a deep history. More specifically, it used to be an obscure Welsh family name that meant beneficent or fortunate. And while its popularity fluctuates constantly, Maddox is always suitable for a tough and lucky young man.

3. Ace — Do you want your boy to ace every obstacle he comes across? Then naming him Ace will give him the confidence he needs to tackle challenges that would look impossible to other people. Historians believe that this name has Latin origins and translates to one or unity, fitting for any future badass.

4. Arlo — has Anglo-Saxon origins and means fortified hill. Generally speaking, people with this name usually have unbreakable wills and strong personalities.

5. Thor — While it might sound a bit over the top, naming your boy Thor after the God of Thunder will turn him into a fascinating and unique man. After all, how many people named Thor do you personally know?

6. Caysee — At first glance, this name might not look like much. But don’t let its simplicity fool you. Caysee has Irish origins and translates to a young and courageous boy. Needless to say that you want your son to have these traits, so why not bless him with a fitting name?

7. Kalmin — This Scandinavian name means manly, making it perfect for your little man. Your son will stand out with this unique name, and it will give him enough confidence to become the man that he deserves to be.

Popular Badass Boy Names


8. Ranger — This is an occupational male name meaning forest guardian. Simply put, Ranger implies a dangerous job of protecting the wild while also having a western, cowboyish ring to it. And while this is a popular name, your kid will still impress his peers with it.

9. Damon — An edgy variation of the name Damian, Damon is a badass name that implies Stoic strength. In Greek mythology, this name was the symbol of true friendship. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want his little champ to be a beacon of friendship and strength.

10. Dean — What better way to honor the great James Dean than naming your kid after him? This name means having lived near a valley and helps outline the image of a free-spirited and wild young boy always in touch with nature.

11. Ryder — This British name signifies a messenger, a cavalryman, or a knight. All of those share unique qualities such as courage, strength, and confidence, which you would want your kid to develop as well. Naming your boy Ryder will give him a head start by establishing his virtuous nature early on.

12. Axel — Sharing both Scandinavian and German origins, Axel means father of peace. Even though it sounds quite edgy, this name is ideal for well-balanced and focused men that know how to keep their cool during stressful situations.

13. Donovan — Donovan is a badass-sounding name that has Celtic roots. In fact, it can be translated to a strong fighter. And who doesn’t want their boy to become a modern warrior once he grows up?

14. Blade — This superhero-related name sounds macho and a bit intimidating. And that’s why it’s perfect for any badass boy who won’t let anyone stand in their way to success.

Interesting Badass Boy Names


15. Boris — This is an old Russian name that has become incredibly popular in Europe and the United States. The name has a variety of meanings, including fight, glory, and wolf. Any man named Boris is a battle-hardened individual that never backs down from a challenge.

16. Ulysses — Ulysses is the Latin version of the name Odysseus, who was the protagonist of Homer’s epic poem of the same name. It’s true that its translation wounded in the thigh might not sound too badass. However, it’s important to note that Odysseus was a cunning and intelligent hero who managed to trick the city of Troy using the Trojan horse.

17. Wolf — If you want a simple yet rousing name that will help your kid throughout his life, Wolf is a no-brainer. This name has German origins, and it is fairly common in that country. It references one of the most fierce animals out there, the majestic Canis lupus. Yet, keep in mind that wolves are not only powerful but also wise and caring, which are all traits that every man would like to have.

18. Atlas — This is another name that is deeply rooted in Greek mythology. Atlas was an extremely powerful baby boy who joined the pantheon of Greek and Roman gods and was tasked with carrying the world on his shoulders. As a matter of fact, the name roughly translates to the bearer of the heavens.

19. Magnus — Having Scandinavian origins, the name Magnus means greatest. There are a lot of important figures who had this name before, such as the Norwegian king Magnus I. To this day, Magnus remains a popular name for badass men all over Denmark and Norway.

Famous Badass Boy Names


20. Lars — This name has become very popular thanks to the famous Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich. Its origins are ancient, dating back to the 8th century BC, and it translates to from the city of Laurentum. Nowadays, Lars sounds nerdy and badass at the same time, so it’s a perfect name for a smart yet hardcore boy.

21. Malcolm — Everybody has heard about Malcolm X, the rebel with a cause. However, few people know that Malcolm is a royal name in Scotland, with at least four Scottish kings sharing it.

22. JaggerMick Jagger made a name for himself in the 60s and 70s due to his unique personality. He never let anyone order him around and managed to become one of the most prolific musicians in the world. Naming your kid Jagger will guarantee that he’ll be the life and soul of any party.

23. Dwayne — Dwayne Johnson, also known as the Rock, is a famous wrestler and actor loved by millions of people around the globe. His name has a deep significance, as it means dark or swarthy, describing his shady past perfectly. Fortunately, his life did a 180, and he is now happier than ever. This name is iconic, as it will give your boy the motivation to overcome his inner darkness and become his best self.

24. Keanu — Keanu Reeves is a great actor who became famous thanks to his role as the badass Neo in the Matrix movies. The actor himself was a badass in real life, as he always stood up for other people. Keanu is of Hawaiian origin and translates to breezes over a cool mountain.

Iconic Badass Boy Names


25. Anakin — This iconic name has been made popular thanks to the Star Wars films. Anakin Skywalker was a legendary Jedi who was believed to balance the Force. And though the Dark Side ultimately won him over to its side, his legacy features countless iconic and badass moments.

26. Valentino — Valentino is an elegant Italian name that means strong. People who have this name are good at grabbing the attention of others around them. For instance, Rudolph Valentino was one of the most iconic actors of the 20s, thanks to his amazing charisma, tough attitude, and gorgeous looks.

27. Chuck — This simple yet interesting name has its roots in France and means free man. Chuck is a great name for tough, free-spirited, and independent men that want to make the most out of their lives.

28. Diesel — is a German-originated name that derives from Mattew or Mathias. Although the name doesn’t have a deeper badass meaning, its traditional pronunciation makes it sound macho and a bit terrifying. Just closing your eyes and hearing the name Diesel is enough to imagine a motorcycle-riding badass that’s traveling from town to town.

29. Hardwin — Hardwin means a brave friend and has an Anglo-Saxon origin. By giving your little badass this name, you show him that you believe in his braveness. You also inspire him to be a good friend to those around him, which is a truly important trait.

Cool Badass Boy Names


30. Phoenix — What’s more badass than a mystical bird that rises from its own ashes upon death? Phoenix is a significant name that people can interpret in a variety of ways. For example, it can represent one’s power to rise whenever they’re physically or mentally down. But no matter how you think of it, Phoenix is a perfect name for a resilient and tough individual.

31. Bryant — This Celtic name translates to strong, suggesting that people who bear it are ready to face the challenges of life. And what better trait to have as a man than the ability to do that without breaking a sweat?

32. Alpha — An Alpha is the pack leader who makes the right decisions for his peers. The name implies that your boy will become a strong and independent person who pushes himself to be better each and every day.

33. Clyde — The name Clyde has origins in Scotland and translates to warm and friendly. Yet, other interpretations, specifically from Greek mythology, picture the name as the keeper of keys. Nonetheless, Clyde is a great name for someone who balances his personality’s warm and badass side.

34. Hunt — is a diminutive of Hunter. However, that doesn’t lower the impact of the original word, as Hunt can be seen as a more soft yet still deeply masculine alternative. Remember that being badass is also about being in touch with your inner self. Therefore, this name will make your kid seem intense and laid back at the same time.

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