Love Tips: 9 Most Romantic Birthday Surprises for Your Boyfriend

romantic birthday surprises for your boyfriend

Is your boyfriend preparing to celebrate his birthday soon? Are you afraid that you do not have an idea of what you should surprise him with on this special day? If so, this article offers you the 9 most romantic birthday surprises for your boyfriend.

9 Romantic Birthday Surprise for Your Boyfriend

On his birthday, your boyfriend expects you to show him love and attention. This includes giving him special presents and treating him in a special way. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday. Here are some of the most romantic birthday surprises for boyfriends.

1. Surprise Birthday Party

Men, like anybody else, love romantic surprises. So, if your boyfriend is too busy or doesn’t have money to throw a special birthday party, you can step in and surprise him with one. Also, if he is used to celebrating his birthday indoors with a few family members and friends, you can surprise him with a birthday party at one of his favorite restaurants.

2. Special Meal


They say the fastest way to a man’s heart is his stomach. So, if you want to melt your boyfriend’s heart on his birthday, prepare him his favorite meal. This might require you to do a bit of research on the foods he likes. If you aren’t sure, ask his friends or family members.

Alternatively, you can bake him a special birthday cake decorated with all his favorite colors and flavors. You can also personalize the cake with personal messages. This shows that you went out of the way to make him feel special.

3. A Day Full of Surprises

Instead of focusing on a single surprise, you should make his entire day interesting with one surprise after another. The best way to do this is to prepare a challenge for him, where he’ll be required to locate all the birthday gifts you’ve prepared for him. These surprises should include funny moments, prizes, his favorite meals, among others. Choose simple surprises that will keep him entertained the whole day.

4. Special Gifts


Everybody loves special gifts. They’re a simple sign of appreciation and worth. When you are choosing a romantic birthday gift for your boyfriend, go for something that will make the day memorable. For instance, you can give him a piece of expensive personalized jewelry with his favorite colors and designs.

Personalize the gift with a special personal message or his name. You can even engrave the piece with a special quote about your feelings for him. If your boyfriend likes fancy accessories, go for high-end style pieces that will grab his attention.

5. Symbolic Present

By giving your boyfriend a symbolic gift on his birthday, you’ll be giving him something to hold dear forever. Pick a symbolic present that matches his personality and your feelings for him. It should also symbolize your love and desire for him or his strength, courage, and immeasurable possibilities.

You can also hide your wishes under your symbolic present. He is likely to make the present an amulet that he will carry with him wherever he goes.

6. Romantic Trip

This doesn’t have to be an expensive trip to a fancy holiday destination. You can simply book a table at the café of your first dinner date or choose the same location where he kissed you for the first time. This will definitely rekindle the first feelings you had for each other. Alternatively, you can book a room for two at a fancy hotel where you can spend the night celebrating his birthday. Ensure you handle all the details to have a comfortable trip. With rental24.co.uk you can hire a car even if you are under 21, so age won’t be an obstacle to your romantic trip.

7. Cool Device


Men love gadgets. So, if there’s a cool gadget that your boyfriend has been dying to have, it will be a nice birthday surprise. For instance, you can buy him the latest smartphone, video camera, headphones, laptop, tablet, etc. He will remember you every time he uses it.

8. Magical Basket

This is usually a huge basket filled with gifts. Most of these gifts are supposed to bring good emotions. For instance, you can include a CD with his favorite music, chocolates, golf balls, a jersey of his favorite football team, a photo book, a video game, a new movie, his favorite books, tickets to his favorite movie or football game, etc.

9. Collage of Special Pictures

You can surprise your boyfriend on his birthday with a collection of pictures that capture your happiest moments together. Arrange them creatively and put them in a beautiful picture frame so that he can hang them on the wall in his house. The pictures will serve as a constant reminder of your happy moments.

Important Things to Say on Your Boyfriend’s Birthday


While gifts are an important part of every birthday celebration, they are likely to lose value and meaning after a while. But special words will remain in your heart forever. That’s why you should carefully choose what to tell your boyfriend on his birthday. Here are some of the important things to say on your boyfriend’s birthday.

Special Phrases to Say on His Birthday

• “I love you. I’m so lucky to have you.”
• “Let’s make this the best birthday yet for you!”
• “Here’s to many more birthdays together!”
• “You’re my favorite person in the world and deserve to have the greatest birthday ever!”
• “You mean so much to me and I feel blessed to spend this special day with you!”
• “You are an incredible person! I am amazed by you and so proud of you. Thanks for sharing your special day with me.”
• “How can I make this day extra special for you?”
• “I have a special day planned for your birthday because I love you so much!”
• “You deserve the best on your birthday!”

Things to Say to a Boyfriend Who Enjoys Birthdays

• Tell him “happy birthday,” followed by a huge hug.
• Call him the birthday boy throughout the day and talk about how special he is.
• Let him know all the amazing things you love about him. Don’t lump them together and say them at once. Instead, spread them throughout the day.
• If you want to spend the rest of your life with him, you should use the birthday to let him know the direction you want the relationship to go. For instance, you can tell him, “I love being in a relationship with you and can see us spending our lives together.”
• Prepare a surprise birthday activity and let him know you have a surprise for him. You can say, “I’ve got something awesome planned for you later and I can’t wait for you to see it!”
• Let him know you are also excited about his birthday. You can say, “I love you so much and can’t wait to celebrate you today!”
• Tell him how much his birthday means to you, “You mean so much to me and I want to make sure you have a perfect birthday.”

Things to Say to a Boyfriend Who Doesn’t Enjoy Birthdays

• You should let him know how much you love him every day. You can say, “I’ll love you always.”
• Don’t remind him it’s his birthday. But also don’t make it so obvious that you’re trying to avoid the topic.
• If you hate to remind him it’s his birthday, just refer to it as his special day. For instance, you may say, “Let’s have a great day together and enjoy this special day.”

Whether you want to send him a love letter or talk to him face to face, consider his personality before you say or do anything. Remember there are two main types of boyfriends: those who love birthdays and those who don’t. So, what you say depends on what type of boyfriend you have.

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