10 Unique Baddie Outfit Ideas to Help You Make a Statement

baddie outfit ideas

Every day, social media is awash with new and unique fashion trends. One of the latest ones is a baddie. Almost everyone on Instagram and other social media sites wants to display their unique baddie outfits. If you want to try this outfit, this article offers you 10 unique baddie outfit ideas to help you make a fashion statement.

What’s Baddie Style?


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A baddie style is a fashion trend mainly associated with women that originated on Instagram. It comprises a mixture of Instagram-inspired makeup styles and athletic street wear. This fashion style is all about aesthetics and attitude.

Authentic baddies are known to have a slack approach to life and are mainly considered cool and pacesetters. If you want to be a baddie, you have to learn to carry yourself with an attitude. Typically, you’ll wear sporty clothing like oversized T-shirts, sweat pants, and heavy sneakers.

You should also consider blending the current fashion trends, like the ones you find on Instagram and other popular social media platforms, including oversized blazers, bucket hats, crop tops, cycling shorts, among others. If you are confident and understand how to carry yourself with a carefree attitude, you can be a baddie. Although clothing plays an important role in making you a baddie, the most important quality of a baddie is confidence and a carefree attitude.

While numerous fashion styles can make you look like a baddie, what you choose to wear will depend on your dress code. For instance, if you prefer casual wear, you can easily wear an oversized T-shirt, sweat pants, and sneakers. If you like formal wear, you can rock an oversized blazer or sweater and a pair of heavy white sneakers to give you a baddie aesthetic.

What Should a Baddie Wear?


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If you appreciate fashion trends, then you’re likely to find yourself scrolling through tons of Instagram posts with envy as you admire the flawless, elegant IG users on your feed. This social media site has become the perfect place for fashion-conscious people to show off their latest looks. One of the most popular looks you’ll see is the baddie style.

Although the temptation to be a baddie may be too strong, you need to understand that being a baddie comes with its fair share of challenges. For instance, you have to stay up-to-date with the newest fashion and beauty styles. This means staying ahead of everyone else.

Fortunately, there are so many online platforms that offer the latest fashion trends to help fashionistas like you to up their game continuously. If you can’t find the right ideas for your baddie style, use these quick tips.

  • Keep It Natural

Baddies don’t struggle to get a perfect look – and you shouldn’t either. Just make sure you create a perfect balance of style and regularity with your baddie outfits. So, don’t waste your time and effort decorating yourself with fancy stilettos, expensive dresses, and tops. Sweat pants and sneakers will be just fine.

  • Crop It

If you want to remain a baddie, cropped shirts and tops should be a staple in your wardrobe. However, this doesn’t include tight crop tops. You should always go for loose crop tops, sweat pants, sweatshirts, and loose T-shirts. These tops should be matched with high-waisted jeans. Don’t forget that the whole idea of being a baddie is to keep your outfits effortless and laidback.

  • Coordinating Sets

Having several marching pieces of outfits to help you create a uniform look is very important. For instance, you can pair your matching sweat pants with a cropped sweat shirt to create an identical baddie look. Alternatively, you can match your two-piece skirt with a two-piece shirt, or matching crop top.

  • Accessorize

There’s no harm in matching your baddie outfit with several bold, striking accessories. These could be sunglasses, jewels, hats, or belts. The choice is yours. However, don’t overlook or overdo them when coming up with your outfit.

  • Make It Unique

Although there’s no problem in copying other baddie’s outfits, you need to come up with your own unique outfit. That’s the best way to prove that you’re confident enough to be a baddie. Make sure your baddie outfit flatters your body type, allowing you to strut your goodies proudly.

10 Baddie Outfit Ideas

1. Tracksuits


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Since tracksuits are slouchy and silky, they’ll give you a complete makeover. You should try an oversized sweatshirt and sweat pants. This is a monochrome pattern that will elongate your silhouette and create unity with your baddie outfit. Don’t forget to top this outfit off with a nice pair of sneakers and a few accessories, such as sunglasses, necklace, earrings, etc.

2. Bucket Hats


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Although these hats were popular a few decades ago, they’re back in a big way, and they seem to be here to stay. You can match your bucket hat with sweat pants and a crop top, or an oversized T-shirt and biker shorts. A plain style with bright shades or a bold print, like a Burberry-style plaid, will make a lasting statement.

3. Short Leggings


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Baddies love cycling shorts, but you can rock this style with short leggings and match them with an oversized t-shirt that goes down up to your thighs. Complete this baddie look with a pair of heavy sneakers and socks. This outfit is perfect for a night out.

4. Barbie Pink


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A Barbie pink outfit will help you bring out your inner doll. It blends feminine beauty with sporty edges. You can create this look by matching your all-pink tracksuit with a crop top or a large sweater. Don’t forget to accessorize with a bucket hat, sunglasses, and necklace.

5. Chunky Sneakers


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As a baddie, heavy sneakers must be a staple in your wardrobe. These types of shoes will help you to balance your baddie look. Furthermore, sneakers can match almost any outfit. Therefore, they’re easy to style to match your various baddie looks. You can wear them with a mini-skirt, sweat pants, trench coats, crop tops, etc.

6. Oversized T-Shirts


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One of the benefits of wearing an oversized T-shirt is that it’s very comfortable and cute. Therefore, you need to have plenty of oversized tees in your wardrobe if you want to be a baddie. Also, remember to choose colors and patterns that speak to you personally. Fortunately, numerous feminine shades are perfect for your T-shirts, including lilac, green, and cherry red.

7. Crop Tops with Sweat Pants


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This combination allows you to create an hourglass outline while enjoying maximum comfort. To bring out the perfect look, go for oversized sweat pants and a fitting crop top. If it’s cold outside, wear it with an oversized jacket. Choose matching colors like pink, green, or red for a fashion-conscious feel.

8. Bold Colorful Accessories


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As mentioned above, accessories are a staple for baddies. When you are choosing accessories for your baddie outfit, go for bright colors that pop up nicely, but make sure the colors of your accessories match those of your clothes to avoid a mismatch. The best accessories include a bucket hat, jewelry, pastel hair clips, sunglasses, among others.

9. Ripped Jeans


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Ripped jeans are perfect for a laidback, confident look. They’re classic yet insubordinate, which makes them a staple for baddies. Choose oversized ripped jeans and match them with a crop top, a puffer jacket, and a pair of chunky sneakers. If you don’t like crop tops, you can match your ripped denim with an oversized T-shirt.

10. Neon with Checks


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A neon ensemble has proved to be a great outfit for Instagram and Tiktok videos. It’s also great for a night out with friends. This outfit blends fluro and irregular pieces like crop tops, sweat pants, and skirts.

Choose layer block shades, such as black and white with bold prints for a slack feel. You should complete your look with combat boots or heavy sneakers.

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