Fashion Tips: 10 Outfits to Wear with Air Force 1

outfits to wear with air force 1

When you are buying a new pair of shoes, the first thing you think about is the kind of outfit you’ll wear them with. Unfortunately, some types of shoes are only designed to match specific outfits, limiting the number of outfits you can wear with them.

But this is not the case with Nike’s adored Air Force 1 sneakers. If you’ve just purchased a pair of the latest Air Force 1 footwear, this article offers you the top 10 Outfits to wear with Air Force 1 sneakers.

What Is Air Force 1?

Air Force 1

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Air Force 1 is a brand of sneakers owned by Nike. It was first created by Bruce Kilgore, a designer at Nike, and introduced to the market in 1982. The initial objective of designing Air Force 1 was to create a basketball shoe that featured Nike Air technology. As the first basketball shoe with the special Nike technology, Air Force 1 completely revolutionized the sport and sneaker culture.

Four decades after the first pair of Air Force 1 sneakers was created, this brand has retained its standing as a leading fashion component. Many basketball players prefer Air Force 1 because of its soft, bouncy Nike Air cushioning technology designed to improve their performance.

The first top basketball players to wear this shoe include Michael Cooper, Moses Malone, Calvin Natt, Mychal Thompson, Jammal Wilkes, Bobby Jones, and many others.

The first pair of Air Force 1 sneakers featured a black colorway, but two more colorways (royal blue and chocolate brown) were introduced in 1985 by retailers in Baltimore.

Although Air Force 1 was initially meant for basketball players, it’s now an indispensable fashion element that has been taking the streets by storm. Some retailers have adopted the concept of releasing new one-off Air Force 1 designs, which often creates a shopping clamor as shoppers rush to get the new drops.

Therefore, every new drop of Air Force 1 is always a hit and sells out almost immediately. Also, Nike usually releases limited, special, and premium editions of Air Force 1 around popular events and holidays, turning the shoe into an instant collector gold. Its popularity among internationally acclaimed celebrities like hip hop artists and sportspeople has propelled it into fashion culture.

Outfits to Wear with Air Force 1: 10 Ideas

Unlike other types of sneakers, Air Force 1 is designed to paint almost any type of outfit. Anyone can wear a pair of these sneakers without feeling or looking out of place. From tracksuits to leggings, skirts, and dresses, Air Force 1 sneakers are perfect for all kinds of outfits. Here are the unique outfits to wear with Air Force 1.

1. Hella Sporty


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It’s amazing to see how a pair of Air Force 1 sneakers level up even the laziest sweat pants. This look is perfect for both men and women.

2. Traditional Khakis


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You can make your old khaki trousers stylish again by matching them with a pair of Air Force 1 sneakers. It doesn’t matter your gender; this outfit will help you to make a fashion statement.

Make sure to top it off with stylish accessories like sunglasses and jewels.

3. Profesh Blazer Dresses


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Your blazer dress is a perfect match for Air Force 1, especially when you wear it together with biker shorts and a crop top.

4. Super Girly Dress


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You can match your pair of Air Force 1 sneakers with a super girly dress to give it a flawless, casual vibe.

5. Burberry Plaid


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You can easily pair your classic Air Force 1 sneakers with some unique cult favorites, such as a Burberry plaid. For instance, you can wear a bucket hat, a matching tube top, and rugged booty shorts.

6. All-Black Ensemble


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You can match your pair of white Air Force 1 sneakers with an all-black ensemble. For instance, you can wear black trousers, a black shirt, and a black leather jacket.

7. Sleek Suits


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Both men and women can easily match their Air Force 1 sneakers with sleek suits, irrespective of the color of their outfits. These sneakers will effortlessly turn your suit into a cool ensemble, especially when you wear them with a pair of socks.

8. Biker Shorts and T-Shirts


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A pair of Air Force sneakers will go well with biker shorts and a t-shirt. This outfit is perfect for warm weather. It’s also very comfortable for athletes.

9. All-White Outfits


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Matching your white Nikes with an all-white ensemble makes your color story more robust. You can match your white sneakers with a white dress or suit for a clean and classic look.

10. Denim Jeans and a Black Top


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Match your baggy denim jeans and a black top with a pair of Air Force 1 to create a fail-proof combo.

Tips on How to Take Care of Your Air Force 1 Sneakers


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Your Air Force 1 sneakers will only remain sleek and chic if you know how to take care of them. Unfortunately, some people can’t keep their white Nikes looking shiny and pure for long.

Although these sneakers aren’t meant to retain their original white color forever, there are simple actions that you can take to keep them looking white for a long time.

1. Keep Your Shoe Laces Loose-Fitting

Your shoelaces shouldn’t be too tight. In fact, you shouldn’t tie them if possible. If you must tie them, leave them loose. Tying your Air Force 1’s laces too tight will make the sneakers look like they’ve been choked on a popeyes biscuit.

This will not only make your sneakers look unflattering, but it’ll make them susceptible to creasing. Dirt will get trapped in these creases causing the sneakers to appear faded. When you leave your shoelaces loose, tie a knot to prevent them from unraveling.

2. Do Away with the Tissue Paper

Before brand new Air Force 1 sneakers are put in the manufacturer’s box for shipping, they’re usually wrapped in tissue paper. Unfortunately, this paper is known to speed up oxidation, causing the white sneakers to turn yellowish. So, if you’ve been storing your sneakers in the manufacturer’s box, make sure to do away with the tissue paper.

3. Sneaker Protectant

A spray sneaker protector has proved to be quite effective in preserving the original color and quality of Air Force 1 sneakers. It forms a breathable barrier on the sneakers, keeping them fresh and free of stains.

4. Crease Protector

A crease protector prevents creases from forming in front of your Air Force 1 sneakers. While some people have devised DIY ways of preventing creases on their sneakers like removing the cardboard inserts, crease protectors have proved to be more effective.

5. Wipe Your Sneakers Regularly

Don’t wait for your Air Force 1 sneakers to be completely dirt to clean them. Instead, wipe them regularly with sneaker wipes. If possible, wipe your sneakers between wears. If you can’t get sneaker wipes, you can use a damp piece of cloth.

6. Deep Clean

Even as you wipe your Air Force 1 sneakers between wears, don’t forget to deep clean them occasionally. If you take too long to clean them, they’ll become harder to clean and deteriorate faster. But don’t use very harsh cleaning detergents and brushes to clean your sneakers because they will damage them.

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