Benefits of Biotec Facial: Technology, Types and Outcomes of Treatment

Benefits of Biotec Facial Technology Types and Outcomes of Treatment

You can never stop ageing, but you can surely slow down its effects. If you find the anti-ageing creams ineffective, try Elemis Biotec treatments. It is the best anti-ageing answer to regular creams and is painless and non-invasive.

What is Elemis Biotec?

Elemis Biotec facial treatments are designed to address various skin concerns. It is a state-of-the-art method featuring a special machine and specific serums to treat blemishes, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dull tone, uneven texture and much more. The technologies used in these machines are top-notch and provide guaranteed results. Moreover, this treatment’s results are also long-lasting compared to other facials.

Technologies in Machine

The technology uses a concoction of 5 in one facial machine and special serums to address all sorts of skin conditions. The machine utilizes microcurrents, oxygen infusion, Light therapy, galvanic infusion and ultrasound spatula to provide the best results.

Micro Currents

The machine emits low-level Micro Currents that replicate the human body’s natural electrical currents at the cellular level. This is helpful to stimulate collagen and elastin production in the body to repair damaged skin cells.

Oxygen Infusion

Just like us, skin cells also require oxygen to live. Reduction in the body’s oxygen levels can leave us with dead skin that is dry and tight. This machine helps to enhance the oxygen level of skin cells and helps to omit dead skin and wrinkles.

LED Light Therapy

LED Light therapy is a proven way to minimize acne on your skin. It provides multiple benefits for the skin and also helps to enhance collagen activity in the body. The treatment works perfectly for both mild and moderate acne on the skin.

Galvanic Infusion 

Galvanic infusion works as a catalyst for facial serums during facial treatments. It uses positive and negative charges to penetrate deep into the skin to make the outcomes of serums and aromatics more effective.

Ultrasonic Spatula

Getting rid of dead skin is crucial to regain the skin’s natural glow. The problem with removing dead skin is that it can be challenging. Ultrasonic peel is perfect as it creates high-frequency vibrations to remove dead cells from the skin.

Types of Facials

Combining special equipment and skin products helps create a customizable experience for everyone. You can personalise the treatment depending on the need of your skin and your preferences. The eight most common Biotec facial treatments are:

  • Biotec Line Eraser helps to mitigate wrinkles and lines from your face.
  • Biotec Firm-A-Lift helps to lift skin from the cheeks and jawline.
  • Biotec Skin Resurfacer is perfect for treating acne and blemishes and toning down skin texture
  • Biotec Anti-Pigment Brightener helps to address uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation.
  • Biotec Blemish Control is a specially designed treatment for acne-prone people with oily skin.
  • Biotec Super Charger for Men helps to calm stressed out and oily skin.
  • Biotec Radiance Renew rejuvenates tired and dull skin.
  • Biotec Sensitive Skin Soother is perfect for minimising redness and inflammation.

Selecting The Right One

The diverse nature of facials may need to be clarified. Selecting the right one is essential to get the best and most lasting results. But you don’t need to worry. First, you can think about your skin needs and type to select the most beneficial for you. You can also get a Biotec taster facial on a skin patch where your therapist can look at your skin and recommend the right treatment.

TechnologyTypes and Outcomes of Treatment

Benefits of Getting the Treatment

From getting tighter skin to revamping your skin’s natural glow, Elemis Biotec is the perfect treatment to address various skin problems. It helps to minimise lines and wrinkles, exfoliates the skin, helps to get radiant skin, stimulates collagen and much more. Here are some benefits of this treatment that will amaze you.

Say Goodbye to Wrinkles

Elemis Biotec is a blend of technology and super-activating skin care products. It is one of the perfect ways to address lines and wrinkles on the skin. The oxygen infusion uses 95% concentration to guarantee fresh and glowing skin. It helps refresh the skin cells by penetrating deep, making it a comprehensive solution to minimise wrinkles.

Turn Back the Clock

One of the biggest issues with ageing is the tired-looking complexion of the skin. The skin loosens and results in an old-looking face. Elemis Biotec is the perfect way to address this problem by making the skin tighter and look younger. The micro-current pluses during the treatment help to enhance the production of elastin and collagen to revamp the glow and make the skin smoother.

Younger and Glowing Complexion

Most beauty products claiming to light the glow usually just target the skin’s surface. On the other hand, Elemis Biotec helps penetrate deep into the skin to mitigate ageing cells and makes your skin younger. The treatment is also perfect for lightening the skin by encouraging collagen production. Moreover, the treatment works equally on both men and women and helps to enhance beauty.

Key Takeaways

Elemis Biotec treatments are clinically proven to slow down ageing and provide you with younger-looking, smoother skin. They are also matchless as the results are lasting, and you can customise treatment according to your skin’s nature. Always visit Biotec-authorized clinics like Meridian Spa to treat your skin in the best way possible.


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