How to Prepare a Striking Surprise for Your Loved One with Online Animation Maker

How to Prepare a Striking Surprise for Your Loved One

So, your loved one is celebrating something special, and you want to send them a striking surprise animated video. How do you make this special video? Do not panic. It is not as difficult as it seems if you find the right animation video maker.

That is what this post is all about. We provide a guide on how to prepare a striking surprise animated video for your loved one using a powerful online animation maker.

The Best Online Animation Maker: Doratoon

The first step in making an attention-grabbing surprise video to celebrate your loved one is to choose the best online animation maker. So, which is the best tool for you? Truth be told, there are dozens of software tools in the market you can use.

However, if you want something effective with loads of features and elements, Doratoon is the best choice for you. Doratoon is loaded with unique features to create online animation videos for different purposes.

The software tool frees you up to create customized videos using millions of royalty-free animations, backgrounds, templates, stock footage, and more. You can get started with your first animation online with Doratoon for free.

Explore the exciting features on the platform to create a professional-looking animated video to celebrate your loved one. Whether they are celebrating their birthday, work anniversary, wedding anniversary, or engagement, Doratoon helps you to create the perfect video without stress.

Why Use Doratoon to Make a Surprise Video for Your Loved One

The unique features of Doratoon make it the best free animated video maker for creating a striking surprise video. Highlights of these features are enumerated below:

  • 100M+ stock pictures and video clips.
  • 10,000+ stock props
  • 10,000+ 2D and 3D animated backgrounds
  • 1,000+ animated characters with facial expressions and actions
  • AI Dubbing and A Drawing
  • Format Painter
  • PPT-to-Video Conversion
  • Text-to-speech

How to Use Doratoon to Create a Surprise Video

Step #1: Create a free Doratoon account with a valid email address.

Step #2: Select a pre-animated video template that suits your video concept.

Step #3: Customize the template with personal video clips, pictures, and text. You can also use stock photos and video clips to enrich your animated video.

Step #4: Preview the final video and download it to share with your loved one.

These are the four easy steps to creating online free animation videos with Doratoon. It is free to create, and you do not require any skills or animation experience. The tools are intuitive, and you can make your video within minutes.

Tips and Tricks to Make an Awesome Anniversary Video for a Loved One

Take a few minutes to create a stunning video message to celebrate your loved one on their special day. While you can buy a gift, they will appreciate the thought that goes into creating a lovely video for them the more.

The best part is you do not need to be tech-savvy to create a compelling video message. Doratoon offers everything you need. Here are tips and tricks to make a beautiful anniversary video message for a loved one.

Your Loved One with Online Animation Maker

1.     Be Original

Your loved one is not expecting a professional video message from you. Chances are they are not expecting anything from you in the first place. Going the extra mile to create something unique and original will surely bring smiles to their faces.

Your loved one will love the effort you put into it with the flaws and all. So, if you feel your video is too simple. Do not worry. It is the thought behind the creation that counts.

By the way, Doratoon is a free animation maker that helps you make a highly attractive video so you never have to worry about creating something boring or over-simplistic.

2.     Share a Beautiful Memory

The difference between a random video and one that demonstrates your originality is the memory you infuse into it. Add beautiful memories that will make your recipient laugh or smile.

It can be a recent event or something from a long time ago. The idea is to put smiles on their faces, and nothing does that better than the shared memory depicted in a video.

3.     Get others on Board

The more, the merrier! So, get your other mutual friends and family involved. You can ask others to record short videos describing the celebrant. They can also share beautiful memories they have with the celebrants in a video.

You can collate all these and make them into a single video. You are sure to make your friend’s day with this beautiful video. You can use a cartoon video maker to merge these videos and add some more elements to make the video more engaging.

4.     Add Songs

You can also use songs and emotional lyrics to share your goodwill and express yourself. For example, you can choose a song you both enjoy and sing it in your own way. Even if you do not know how to sing, it makes it more entertaining.

5.     Keep it Fun

The primary objective is to make your loved one laugh. So, make the video funny. You can add an inside joke or call them by their nickname. Be creative and explore different ways you can add fun to the video.

Use Doratoon to Make a Striking Surprise Video

It takes next to nothing to create an entertaining surprise video to celebrate your loved one. All you need is Doratoon and you can make the best video ever without prior experience. While creating your video with this powerful animation maker, you can use the five tips highlighted above to make your creation more original.


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