Buying Jewelry Online: 5 Ways to Stay Away From Scams

Buying Jewelry Online 5 Ways to Stay Away From Scams

There was a time when people used to travel to buy jewelry, with modernization there is no need to search different stores to buy jewelry. But this modernization has also led to an increase in scams and thefts. It is necessary to research well and find the best shop to buy jewelry online. 

In this article, we have listed steps that you can use to save yourself from buying fake jewelry for a huge price. 

1.Research Well 

You should be well-versed in what you’re looking for while buying designer jewelry. For instance, if you wish to purchase tanzanite bracelets, you need to be aware of the following: Shapes, Cuts, and Cost. 

When buying a metal item, you should be aware of the type of metal you want in advance.

Ask your loved ones if they have ever ordered designer jewelry online. Obtain their advice by asking. You’ll immediately discover which online retailers gave their customers positive or negative experiences.

Look at their customer reviews after you’ve compiled a list of several internet stores. You can discover more about the level of jewelry they offer and their approach to customer care.

2.Knowing Your Size Is Important 

It’s imperative to know your size before visiting a ring or necklace shop, especially when it comes to purchasing rings and necklaces. There are several methods for measuring rings:

  • Sizing in Europe
  • U.S. sizes
  • Inches
  • Millimeters

Before clicking “add to basket,” look at the sizing chart on the store’s website. Make sure the ring you buy will fit your finger by checking the size.

You can quickly determine your ring size at home. You can also go to a nearby jeweler to get your finger measured.

You can still buy a ring if you find one you adore but it is available in a larger size. Bring it to a jeweler after you have it so they can resize it for you.

The same advice holds for necklaces. There is a noticeable difference between a 16-inch and an 18-inch necklace, despite what you would believe. The proportions may be inaccurate if you choose the wrong necklace length, depending on your size and stature. 

3.Compare Prices

Researching further doesn’t hurt if you’re looking for a specific piece of jewelry. To find out if they have what you’re seeking, go through many trustworthy online jewelers. Once you’ve located it on several websites, compare prices.

Not everything less expensive should necessarily be chosen as your purchase. To verify that the items you might be buying are genuine, follow the other recommendations we’ve provided above. After comparing many websites, choose the one with the best reviews, the friendliest return policy, and the best products. 

Buying Jewelry Online 5 Ways to Stay Away

4.Carefully Go Through Return and Refund Policy

Check out the return and delivery conditions of the vendor before purchasing from an online handbag shop. You are purchasing fine jewelry. Make sure the delivery fee includes insurance for the value of your goods.

You should also confirm that you are familiar with their return policy. Only part of the things sold by some online stores are eligible for returns. Their return policy might not apply to some items. For instance, if you purchase tanzanite pendants, you need to ensure that the return policy is inclusive of the chain, and not just the stone. 

A trustworthy online retailer, such as Shop Lc, will make their return and shipping procedures explicit on their website. Shop Lc is pleased to provide its customers with a welcoming return policy.

5.Watch Out for Fake Jewelry 

Many low-quality online sellers will claim that their items are made entirely of real gold. Look for a stamp when acquiring gold online. However, phony stamps occasionally exist.

If the item of jewelry also has a manufacturer’s or firm hallmark, that is another indication that the stamp is authentic. Grab a magnet when your package arrives in the mail. If the jewelry is magnet-resistant, it is not composed of gold but rather of metal.

As we’ve previously stated, only make purchases from websites with a comprehensive and explicit return policy. So you can return your product for a full refund if you’re not quite happy.

End Note

Investing in designer jewelry is something you shouldn’t do carelessly. The next time you shop for designer jewelry online, remember to use these six suggestions to make informed decisions.


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