Top 30 Fictional Characters Today: Find Your Favorite One

fictional characters

Over the years, pop culture and various forms of media have delivered a wide range of fictional worlds full of amazing fictional characters. Be it TV, books, movies, or video games, there are so many characters that are brilliant and awe-inspiring. Here’s a brief overview of some of the best fictional characters that have been in the spotlight over the years.

What Is A Fictional Character?


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Fictional characters are imaginary characters made up for movies, books, TV shows, or video games. They may or may not be based on real people. They could be the protagonist, antagonist, or just quirky side characters that people adore coming across.

List of Top 30 Fictional Characters Of All Time

  • Inspirational Fictional Characters

#1. Hermione Granger


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One of the all-time favorite fictional characters from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, Hermione is the epitome of strength, ambition, and motivation. She is intelligent, opinionated, and doesn’t allow others to suppress her.

#2. Atticus Finch


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An honest and compassionate man from To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus is beyond courageous and remains faithful to his values, conscience, and integrity, no matter how difficult the situation becomes.

#3. Gandalf


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The wise wizard and friend of the hobbits from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, Gandalf has omniscient knowledge of everyone and everything. He has remarkable patience and uses his wisdom to help people.

#4. Eowyn


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Another inspirational fictional character from The Lord of the Rings, Eowyn is fearless and finds the courage to challenge life continuously. She breaks social barriers, especially when creates barriers because of gender.

#5. Nairobi


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Played by Alba Flores in the series Money Heist, Nairobi showed everyone what it is to be a born leader. She treats her hostages with such dignity that, in the end, even her hostages support her. Nairobi’s empathy, strength, and will are iconic.

#6. Raymond Holt


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A popular character from Brooklyn 99, Raymond is a quirky man. Devoted, empathetic, hardworking, and highly professional, Raymond is a Black gay cop with a truly inspirational life. He faced homophobia and racism with quiet dignity — an almost impossible feat back in the ’90s — and still excelled on his chosen goals.

#7. Shuri


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Shuri, Princess of Wakanda from Marvel’s Black Panther, is an innovator. She uses her intelligence, skills, and knowledge in technology to protect her country and brother.

#8. Belle


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Belle’s love for books and for her father makes her one of the simplest and kindest Disney characters of all. She was also able to see past Beast’s appearance and appreciate his true self.

#9. Violet Baudelaire


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Polite, intelligent, calm, and resourceful, Violet and her siblings from a Series of Unfortunate Events rally on with life despite all the hardships and unfair treatment.

Influential Fictional Characters

#10. Katniss Everdeen


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The girl on fire and the savior of District 12 is an impressively strong and fierce fictional character who showed maturity beyond her age.

#11. Captain America


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Even without the costume, Steve Rogers’ story is powerful enough. A simple but courageous man with a kind heart and a brave soul, Rogers emerged stronger despite the bullying and traumatic past.

#12. Scarlett O’Hara


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Gone with the Wind’s protagonist, Scarlett, is another strong and prominent fictional character who struggled and survived during the post-Civil War period. The world witnessed her transformation from being a spoiled girl into a mature and strong woman.

#13. Dumbledore


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A character that needs no introduction, Albus Dumbledore is the Hogwarts’ wise headmaster we all wanted by our side. Not only was he one of the most powerful wizards, but his quick wit and charm made him remarkable in every way possible.

#14. Bond


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The British Secret Service agent rose to roar popularity since gracing the screen in the 1960s. He is charming, brave, and resilient and can face his enemies with style.

#15. Lara Croft


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A well-known character from the Tomb Raider, Croft is an independent thinker and extremely smart. She is the epitome of a woman who likes to conquer and discover the world.

#16. Captain Jack Sparrow


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The best pirate of his time, Jack Sparrow embodies the reality that everyone will not like you, you can’t please everyone, so you just have to do your own thing.

#17. The Simpsons


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The Simpsons represent a typical American family — the good, the bad, and the ugly. Experience, after all, is the best teacher.

#18. The Flintstones


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Go back to the Bedrock values and have an adventure with Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty!

  • Iconic Fictional Characters

#19. Matilda Wormwood


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This young iconic fictional character taught the world that you can always find solace in things you like, be it books, stories, love, or friendship. At her young age, Matilda also made sure that her message was clear — your fate is in your hands.

#20. Jane Eyre


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From the classic novel by Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre showed how you should not succumb to life’s pressures and keep on following your heart — to stand up against adversities and keep moving forward.

#21. Iron Man


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Billionaire Tony Stark is more than his technology, money, and spoiled “bad boy” character. He is devoted to his family, loves his friends, and mentors Spiderman like a father. With his ultimate sacrifice, he solidified his place in all his fans’ hearts.

#22. Sherlock Holmes


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The iconic detective living on 221 Baker Street, Holmes is unparalleled in his intelligence, ability to solve riddles, and his keen insight into people.

#23. Mickey Mouse


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Mickey Mouse evokes everything childlike, happily ever afters, and dreams coming true. It’s always a treat to see Mickey Mouse and the rest of the gang and re-live an innocent childhood.

#24. Jay Gatsby


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Gazing wistfully at the green light, Gatsby is the ultimate symbol of hope. He worked hard to gain all the wealth that he could ever want and still yearns for the only thing that matters — love.

  • Commonly Known Fictional Characters

#25. Forrest Gump


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Forrest Gump taught everyone a simple but powerful message: love succeeds against all odds.

#26. Charlie Brown


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Sometimes anxious, sometimes neurotic but always trying to do his best, Charlie Brown accepts his flaws and tries to better understand life and the many challenges that life throws him.

#27. Little Foot


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Land Before Time’s Little Foot might be everyone’s first heartbreak. But he also taught that life must go on, and despite the losses in life, your loved ones will always be with you in heart and spirit. Little Foot and his friends taught us the importance of sharing, working as a team, and allowing your heart to guide you.

#28. Robin Hood


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Robin Hood has so many life lessons to share, including being brave, powerful, and forging ahead to change your life.

#29. Tom Sawyer


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All boys need to be re-acquainted with this honest, fun, and full of mischief. His story of growing up is the epitome of treating life as an adventure.

#30. Anne of Green Gables


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Self-love is the most difficult but most important kind of love — this is the message that Anne shared with the world after her journey of finding herself.

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