Home Use Beauty Devices: A New Emerging Industry

Home Use Beauty Devices

What Are Home Use Beauty Devices? 

No business today can escape the race of cut-throat competition. The pace of innovation accelerated due to the Covid-19 crisis in every business sector. With the increasing competition, companies try to remain in the race by equipping themselves with the latest technology and continuous innovation. The beauty industry globally has also been hit by the Covid-19 crisis. Even before the pandemic, beauty brands were under pressure to refurbish their innovation pipeline. Personal beauty devices have been present for the last two decades and getting popular for some time; however, it is just recently that home-use beauty devices have become popular among consumers worldwide. The increasing demand for home-use beauty devices has augmented the manufacturing of electric beauty devices. Post pandemic gave a hard push to the home-use beauty devices. It is interesting to know how beauty tech devices are changing the beauty industry landscape in the global arena. 

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When Beauty Meats Technology

As consumers have become more conscious about their beauty and appearance and become well aware of beauty devices, the beauty devices market has hit 50814.4 million dollars in revenue globally in 2020. In the next decade, the market is expected to grow to 90 billion dollars. Millennials and Gen Z, being tech-savvy consumers, are mainly responsible for such high growth in this sector. Growing awareness about home-use beauty devices allows consumers to take better personal care and take control of their beauty routine. This newfound beauty trend enforced brands busily innovating to meet the newly increased demand for home-use beauty devices during past years. Keeping quality at heart, Beauty Sourcing has a diverse range of the latest home-use beauty devices that seriously deliver the results. There must be no compromise on the quality of the product because the stakes are higher when it comes to your face. 

Major Markets and Product Ranges

The most common home-used beauty devices include LED light masks, Lyma Laser, microcurrent devices, vibration therapy devices, radiofrequency therapy devices, and other electrochemical devices to boost skin health at home. The key players in the home-use beauty device industry are Loreal, Panasonic, TRIA Beauty Inc., Lumenis Ltd, Homeskinovations Ltd, Braun Inc., and many more. North America is the major home-use beauty device market, then comes the Europe and Asia Pacific. The low-end home-use beauty devices include Jade rollers, Hair remover epilators, and electric tweezers. Other home-use beauty devices are very expensive and manufactured by high-end brands. These high-end home-use beauty devices such as acne clearing LED treatments and microcurrent devices are worth buying as these devices deliver high value to the consumers. These devices have several long-lasting benefits such as increased convenience. The laser devices can reduce hair growth, reduce blemishes and improve overall skin condition. 


Today, consumers of all ages are more aware of their well-being and appearance than ever before. The demand for home-use beauty devices has dramatically increased in the past few years because home-use beauty devices deliver more value than just aesthetics. Most home-use electric beauty devices are designed to treat different skin conditions and problems. As the skin is the largest body organ and it is more at risk for various health-related issues than before and consumers are looking for effective solutions. Moreover, technology-savvy customers are increasingly turning to these beauty devices to effectively achieve their personal care goals. 

The future belongs to technology, and the future of the home-use beauty device market is on the rise. As these devices have no side effects and are risk-free, therefore, their demand is constantly increasing globally. 



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