How are GIFs Helping Brands Relate to their Customers?

How are GIFs Helping Brands Relate to their Customers

One of the key aspects that facilitates any business to flourish is marketing. No matter how good a company’s offering is, it will not succeed unless it is marketed properly by the organization. Hence, most companies focus on the quality and availability of their offerings and ensure they are managed properly. Companies and organizations do not shy away from investing tons of money into marketing since they know it will be beneficial to their business in the long run. Thanks to the immense demand for marketing, almost every marketing agency, and marketer in the field uses powerful techniques and tools to market their client’s offerings to the best of their capabilities. Out of the powerful tools present in every marketer’s arsenal. GIFs continue to be one of the most powerful and effective ones.

According to Wix, a GIF or Graphical Interchange Format is an image or soundless video that loops continuously and does not require constant initiations to start playing. Currently, GIFs are used everywhere, from social media platforms to express emotions to marketing campaigns to enhance the reach and traction of a company’s offerings. GIFs add immense value to businesses. For example, they provide visual instructions and enhance the appeal of a product. Besides this, they allow brands to relate with their customers in numerous ways. This article will cover how users of both macOS and Windows can create GIFs and how the popular format is helping brands develop relatability with customers. Let us dive right into it:

How to Create GIFs:

There are tons of methods following which both macOS and Windows users can create GIFs without hassle. Here is a detailed look at both:


macOS facilitates users to create GIFs from different sources. For instance, if you are a macOS user and wish to create a GIF from a video, you can conveniently do so by using Gifox. It is a powerful third-party utility that facilitates users to turn videos into GIFs without hassle. To do so, you must open Gifox, tap on the app icon, click the “Upload” option, and choose the video you wish to convert into a GIF. Besides this, you can also download a YouTube video and turn a certain part of it into a GIF using PullTube. It is a third-party utility that allows users to download videos. Once you have downloaded the video, you can use Permute, a powerful third-party macOS-compatible GIF-creating utility. Besides this, you can also create GIFs from images using tools like GlueMotion and Photoshop.


Like macOS, Windows also offers users numerous ways to create GIFs with ease and use it on different platforms. One of the most popular tools that facilitate users to create GIFs with ease is GIPHY. It is an online platform that requires users to create a free account before they can start creating GIFs. Once they have created the account, they can start creating GIFs by clicking on the “Create” option. Besides GIPHY, users can also create GIFs using ScreenToGif, a Windows-compatible application that features all the tools and functionalities required to create top-notch GIFs.

How do GIFs Help Brands Relate to Customers?

GIFs benefit businesses in more ways than one. For instance, they help brands relate to customers. Here is how:

  • GIFs are immensely popular among the masses. They are extensively used everywhere, right from emails to social media platforms. Moreover, they are distributed through tons of search engines as well as through numerous integrations present in different applications. This facilitates companies to reach more and more audiences. Besides this, implementing different GIF marketing tactics allows companies to understand what resonates with the audience. Thus, they choose to employ methods that successfully create a connection between the target audience and the company’s offerings. Hence, GIFs are deemed the perfect tool that facilitates companies and brands to resonate with customers, and in turn, they create effective marketing campaigns that benefit the organization.
  • GIFs are powerful marketing tools that appeal to targeted customers and are very effective. They portray the brand’s message to potential customers and clients through visual content. This, in turn, allows customers to resonate with the brand and its offerings. Thus, they purchase the company offerings mainly because of the relatability they feel to the brand and the message it radiates.
  • GIFs are very addictive to look at. Once users start engaging with GIFs, there is no going back. They tell a story in a few seconds that manages to captivate the audience’s attention. Brands take advantage of this fact and tend to appeal to the emotion of the audience, which in turn enhances their sales. Thus, GIFs offer the perfect way for brands to create a relationship of relatability with the customer.

GIFs are powerful marketing tools that facilitate brands to market their offerings with ease. If you wish to create GIFs and share them with the world, refer to the detailed steps mentioned in the article.


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