BBW Dating Guide: Tips on How to Date Plus-Size Women

Tips on How to Date Plus-Size Women

The whole dating world is changing. Rules of yesterday are memes of yesterday because memes are almost extinct too. You see. Everything changes so fast. It’s not surprising that many men don’t know how to behave while approaching women, especially those who have a type. We’ll talk about BBW dating because tectonic plates are shifting there. And those who don’t adapt will envy dinosaurs for their quick extinction.

How to Successfully Date a Chubby Woman?

We’ll talk about the new truth in the BBW dating world soon. But before we reveal that, we’ll share some pro tips on seducing and dating chubby ladies. First and foremost, don’t use a pickaxe when dynamite exists. In other words, don’t waste time meeting women manually in some bars. Do it online. On each chubby women dating site available online, thousands of singles actually want to date. In bars, you never know. And if you ever used a pickaxe, you know how tiring that is. On the other hand, if you’ve ever used dynamite, you know how fun that is (if used properly).

The same is with online dating. It can bring a lot of excitement, but it can be dangerous. Some guys think that BBWs want to hear how beautiful they are all the time. And that’s not true. That repels them. That repels most women (with decent self-esteem) because they sense hidden motives, lack of experience, or desperation behind the compliments. So instead of squeezing a compliment in every message, try to have real conversations, even on hookup sites. Both of you are people. Yes, maybe all you want is to have sex, but you still need to chat a bit before getting there. And telling her how stunning her curves are 1000 times doesn’t count as talking.

After you master the art of texting on BBW dating sites, you still need to know how to behave on dates (including the time you spend in the bedroom). The best option is to be natural on a date. Women can see through the fake stuff. And in the bedroom, remember that it takes two to tango. And both should be happy with the dance, not just one side.

Tips on How to Date Plus-Size Women

The Truth About BBW Women and Intimate Life

Now let’s put the new truth about BBW dating under the spotlight. In the past, movies and tv shows made the whole world think that chubby girls have low self-esteem. Some guys even started thinking that every bigger girl waits for any guy to ask them out because they’re too lonely. And that might’ve been true in some cases in the past. It’s still true for some women.

But a massive shift is happening. And body equality is spreading its roots. Hopefully, the near future will be an era where no one judges other people based on their body type. No. That future won’t create itself. We have to build it. And the truth about BBW dating will help. Because when you know that BBWs aren’t desperate, you’ll look at them as any other type of woman. It’s already happening worldwide. It’s like big women finally aren’t getting ashamed of their size. But they aren’t celebrated for their bodies either. They’re just there, equal to other women. And that gives them power. This is good because it affects their intimate lives too.

Someone who craves attention is usually a giver in the bedroom. And some shallow men used to seek women without the confidence to get themselves lazy hookups. Luckily, that era is gone. Now BBWs can unleash their inner goddesses after the bedroom doors close. And the key to that tectonic shift is obvious. But more about that below.

How Plus-Size Women Can Stand Out On the Dating Scene Today

Mindset. Mindset is everything. Everything. And BBWs can partially thank plus-size models for that. Since magazines started featuring curvy ladies, women worldwide started accepting their bodies. Or better to say, they’ve started realizing their beauty. Almost like they couldn’t see their true colors because the cruel world made them black. However, those days are gone. And now, plus-size ladies can stand out on the dating scene by being confident. But really confident, not faking it.

Those plus-size girls who don’t want to compete with regular women can join specialized BBW sites. That helps with confidence building because they are sure every man on the site wants to meet a chubby girl.

Those who already have their minds under control should just shine everywhere they go. Someone in the club teases you for being fat? Give him a cookie from your purse, and hook up with his friend. Guys keep sending drinks to your skinny friends, but forget you? Send a round to their table.

Be free. Be wild. Be courageous. That’s a way to stand out. And a way to have fun without hiding your true personality.

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