How NBA Betting is Gaining Exponential Popularity

How NBA Betting is Gaining Exponential Popularity

On the 14th of May 2018 the Supreme Court granted each state the power to decide on whether to legalize sports gambling at state level, no longer would Nevada be the only place legal to do so in the United States.

This ruling was a huge opportunity for the gambling industry as well as the states themselves and their residents. Gambling has since increased rapidly in the United States across all sports domestically and internationally.

United States gambling revenue hit $13.6 billion in the second quarter of 2021, a massive figure and industry record. The data from the American Gaming Association shows that states which allow gambling has an increased revenue of 22% from the previous record of $11.1 billion in the third quarter of 2019.

NBA Growth

The growth of sports gambling has had financial benefits to the National Basketball Association after years of concern about how the legalization would affect their sports.

The NBA put together the first partnership between a major U.S. sports league and a prominent bookmaker. MGM resorts and the NBA agreed a deal estimated to be worth $25 million based on marketing, data, and gambling.

Gambling across all sports, especially the NBA has increased exponentially with the access available to punters across the United States.

There have since been a wide range of sportsbooks which have set up in the United States across those states which have legalized the process.

It has become possible to find new sportsbooks as well as those which have moved internationally into the U.S market, and sites such as online The Online Betting Guide, also known as OLBG, provide punters with the information they need to find the right sports betting sites.

OLBG is a knowledgeable sports betting community which shares the experiences of online gambling since 2002 to help newcomers as well as regular gamblers make informed choices about the bets they want to place.

Members, and those rated as experts in the field give their opinions on the options available to punters in some of the biggest markets of the day.

Sportsbooks themselves are also rated with the information on where they are able to operate, from state to state, is provided. Nearly 80% of the U.S States like New York, New Jersey, California, Arizona, and Washington and many in between all have legal sportsbooks operating.

OLBG have reviewed and rated these sights on a five-star basis. Reviews are available to all to read through to fully understand how the ratings have come to be scored.

Caesars Sportsbook has been one of the highest rated and available across states from Arizona to New York and West Virginia.

Rated at 4.4/5 stars on OLBG, there are a wide range of markets and is considered one of America’s top operators. NBA as well as all major U.S. sports as well as other sports like college Basketball and MMA.

How NBA Betting is Gaining Exponential Popularity (2)


Safety of the punters is researched and ensured that how the money is secured and how the sportsbook operates is legal and appropriate. There is also a guide to how to sign up and what to consider beforehand.

Along with Caesars, sportsbooks such as Betway, Tipico, BetMGM, Betfred, Maximbet and Sugar House have all received 4.3/5 or higher from OLBG.

A number of these are only available in limited states and it is important to look into your options in your state prior to attempting to register.


The NBA is one of the most focused upon sports for gambling in the United States, especially considering its appeal from supporters across the country.

There are on average 105 million views per game for the NBA, giving it a globally impressive following, which has resulted in many taking their viewing further, by gambling on the games as well.

Many people are drawn to the NBA as a sport to gamble on due to the excitement of the sport. There is a huge following of supporters who are able to show their knowledge and understanding of the sport in order to try and earn some rewards from their selections.

Being able to identify form and teams’ particular strengths over others gives punters the chance to try and find the best odds which they feel will bring rewards.

With the introduction of in play betting, punters are able to see how games progress to identify when particular players hit a hot streak in a game and look to find new options to markets, they may not have considered prior to the game.

There is also so much information available to the public to identify stats and form as well as identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each side prior to a game.

This wide range of information will help punters make the best decisions for themselves and having this impartial information available is important in making clear decisions about gambling.


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