How to Make a Solid Football Bet

How to Make a Solid Football Bet

Football is an incredibly popular sport, with millions of fans and players around the world enjoying the action. With so many great matches every year, from English Premier League, Europa League, Champions League, La Liga, MLS and more to watch, there are lots of opportunities for fans to enhance their enjoyment by having a bet on a game.

But to make things a whole lot easier and safer when it comes to football betting, it’s important to find yourself a reputable online sportsbook, which offers a high level of protection for punters. There are many out there and most offer lucrative joining bonuses, so getting started is the easy part.

What to look for in an online Sportsbook

Ease of Use

If a site isn’t easy to use, then you’re not going to want to use it. By easy to use, we mean that every aspect of your interaction with that site needs to be easy to understand and simple to do. That’s what a good online sportsbook is all about, making betting a fun, convenient and simple experience for you the customer.

The signing up procedure is the first time you will interact with a site, and so often the whole process can be a painful waste of your life. The best sites will have their customers satisfaction at the centre of everything they do and that will be reflected in a swift and smooth signing up system.

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Sports Covered

Football is a great sport to bet on, but it’s a good idea to find a sportsbook that isn’t just focused on one sport. With so many great events happening around the world, including Tennis, Motor Racing, Golf, American Football, Cricket, Baseball etc. It makes a lot of sense to find an online platform that gives you access to all these great markets.

Be sure to check out the number of games that are covered too. While some sportsbooks offer access to a lot of sports, they don’t always cover bets on every single game.

Bet Options

As you get more experienced with your bets, there’s every chance you will want to try a few more advanced types of bets. Therefore, it might be worth finding a sportsbook that offers you the chance to add a little more excitement to your wagers in the future.

Customer Service

Online betting can be confusing at first, so it’s important that if you have any questions or concerns, that the customer service is available around the clock to answer any queries you may have.


If you’re handing your money and personal details over to a website, you need to be able to trust them. You also need to be able to trust them with your winnings too. That’s why it’s important to check out site ratings and make sure they meet all the regulations.


Every sportsbook, just like a shop or business, has a rating which is easily accessible online. Some quick research will let you know who the best sportsbooks around are and help you narrow down your search.

Types of Football Bet

Now you know what to look out for when it comes to choosing an online sportsbook, it’s time to check out the different types of football bet available. Once you understand the different types of football bets, you’ll be able to make a smarter wager. Let’s take a look at some of the most common football best around.

 Full time result (Win/Lose/Draw)

The most common and the easiest type of football bet there is. All you have to do is pick who you think will win the game or if it’s going to be a draw.


This is an easy-to-understand wager for beginners or those looking to keep it simple.


The odds are shorter, and winnings potentially smaller, compared to some other bets.

Goals Scored or Under/Over

This is basically a two-way bet. You simply decide if you think the game will have more or less goals scored than the number quoted.

For example, if a game is quoted at 2.5 goals, and you bet on there being more, 3 goals and above will give you a win. 2 goals or less and your bet will lose.


The advantages to this bet are its simplicity and its ability to keep the game more interesting for longer, regardless of who wins or loses the match.


It’s a two-way bet so the potential winnings are smaller.

Football Accumulator

Accumulators are a great way to spice things up a bit. It is essentially one bet placed on several match outcomes, rather than lots of bets placed on lots of different matches.


Winnings are potential greater for a smaller stake.


Difficult to predict.

Need to do your research

Correct Score

With correct score, you have to predict the score line when the whistle blows at the end of normal time.


The odds are quite high because there are several possible score line possibilities making it harder to predict.


Harder to predict

Half time/Full time

As the name suggests, all you need to do is predict whether the first half will end in a draw or pick a side to be ahead and therefore ‘win’ after the first 45 minutes. Then choose the same for the second half.


Potentially higher returns


Harder to predict

Lose the first half and the bet is lost.

Football’s Popularity

Football’s popularity shows no signs of slowing down, and with a World Cup to look forward to in Qatar this year, fans have a lot to be excited about. Now you know how to bet on a game, why not give it a try and add some extra excitement to your next match.


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