Cartoon Facts: How Tall Is Peppa Pig’s Dad?

how tall is peppa pig's dad

If ‘90s babies grew up on Cartoon Network, then Gen Z kids have been spending most of their childhood in front of the screen featuring a pig family. No one can tell for sure why Peppa Pig has become so beloved by today’s generations, but one thing is certain: this animated TV show sparks debate. If you’ve been following the latest Peppa Pig trends, Mr. Pig’s height might have caught you off guard.

But just how tall is Peppa Pig’s Dad? Regardless of whether or not you’re a Peppa Pig fan, get ready to have your mind blown.

The Strange World of Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig

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If you’ve never seen Peppa Pig, the first thing you’ll notice is its strange animation. Perhaps that’s the reason why millennials frown upon today’s cartoons. How can Gen Z kids be enjoying something most of us could have drawn in Paint on our Pentium 4 PCs? And shouldn’t animation be advancing now that everything’s digitized?

You probably remember the Tom and Jerry cartoons from the ’90s and early 2000s. One of the reasons why this show was so popular had to do with its meticulous animation. To this day, old Tom and Jerry episodes remain our favorites. The quality of the new ones has somehow managed to plummet over the years.

So, what’s the deal with today’s cartoons, Peppa Pig included? If you’re anything like most old cartoon lovers, you might not be too happy about the seemingly new trend of this simple drawing of animated characters. But the thing is, there’s a perfectly good explanation for why the Peppa Pig world looks so strange.

The first one has to do with when this cartoon saw the light of day. When you think about it, Peppa Pig isn’t all that new. It was created in 2004, when two animator friends teamed up with a producer to make it all happen. The original idea for this pig family dates back to 2000, but even four years later, its creators had to start from scratch — and quite literally so.

They had to borrow money from their friends and relatives to introduce the world to Peppa’s family. Another reason why the Peppa Pig animation seems so strange is that the creators did that deliberately. They wanted to create a cartoon that kids would feel closer to and find easier to follow. For that reason, Peppa Pig imitates a typical child’s drawing style.

What Is Peppa Pig’s Height?


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Now that you know why the Peppa Pig world looks so funny to adults, it’s time to reveal other Peppa mysteries. As before, they have to do with the atypical drawing style of this cartoon. For example, you’ll be able to notice that all its characters live on hills and have both eyes on the camera-facing side of their faces. But perspective is one category that seems to elude kids.

It, however, hasn’t eluded one Twitter user who goes by the name of @Memeulous. Unable to crack Peppa Pig’s perspective mysteries on their own, this person turned to Google for help. Memeulous searched for Peppa Pig’s height, and the result seemed mind-blowing. According to the most popular search engine, Peppa Pig is over 7 feet tall.

The Twitter user shared this piece of information with the Internet world, saying it was terrifying. And it truly was, given that no four-year-old could ever be this tall. And that’s how Peppa’s unexpected height started a river of memes that made fun of the strange Peppa world. One Twitter user even suggested that Peppa was taller than Chris Hemsworth (6’3″) and that nothing made sense anymore.

This sudden discovery led the whole Twitter community to completely freak out. Some felt very uncomfortable at the thought of an animated British pig being taller than an average human. Others mockingly imagined Peppa playing for the NBA when she grows up. In the end, one thing is clear: no adult wants to see a giant baby pig walking on two legs, apparently having one pair of eyes on both sides of its head.

How Tall Is Peppa Pig’s Dad?


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What freaked out the Internet community even more was the height of other Peppa Pig characters. If Peppa’s over 7 feet tall, how tall is Peppa Pig’s dad? Seeing the two of them standing next to each other, we can easily calculate Mr. Pig’s height. As it goes, Peppa’s dad is almost twice her size.

So, if Peppa’s 7’1″, Mr. Pig has to be around 14 feet tall. For many Twitter users, this piece of information was even more disturbing. And that’s how the Internet community was no longer afraid of Peppa, but Daddy Pig frightened this show’s fans out of their wits. It hadn’t been long before someone compared Mr. Pig’s height to the world’s tallest human.

Sultan Kösen, the tallest man alive, is almost 8’3″ tall. But that’s still nothing compared to the height of an animated daddy pig. Mr. Pig is almost 1.7 times the size of this Guinness World Record holder. Other Peppa fans found this so disturbing that they wanted to double-check Peppa’s height.

Their discovery was the following: Peppa was 3’9″. One Twitter user (@GuessimCherry) shared this piece of information in her reply to @Memeulous. So, according to Fanon Wiki, Peppa was the size of an average 8-year-old. Sure, that’s still a lot for a 4-year-old — but you have to remember that Peppa is a made-up animated pig walking on two legs.

If you calculate Daddy Pig’s height now, Mr. Pig will turn out less than 8 feet tall. And when you compare him to Mr. Kösen from above, his height doesn’t seem too strange. After all, Daddy Pig shouldn’t be any scarier than Shrek and Fiona in their ogre forms.

How Tall Are Peppa Pig’s Mom and Brother?

Mom and Brother

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Now that you know how tall Peppa and Daddy Pig truly are, Mommy Pig and George’s heights shouldn’t worry you. If Peppa’s almost 4 feet and Mr. Pig’s less than 8 feet tall, Mommy Pig’s height is something in-between. Daddy Pig seems around 2 feet and 8 inches taller than her, which means she’s about 5’4″. Based on similar calculations, George is about 1’1″ tall.

However, trying to uncover the mystery behind the Pig family’s height might lead you to the original calculations, once again. The reason is that Fanon Wiki doesn’t feature Peppa’s supposed height of 3’9″ anymore. At the moment, the only thing you’ll be able to find searching for Peppa’s height on Google is 7’1″.

Another Twitter user (@thefemalenatsu) calculated how tall Peppa’s mom and brother should be if Peppa’s 7’1″. Being somewhat shorter, George would be around 4 feet 5 inches. On the other hand, Mommy Pig should be about 11’6″ tall — and still a giant.

What Is the Height of an Average Pig?


Regardless of which numbers you decide to trust, you might want to compare the Pig family members’ height to that of an average pig. On average, a domestic pig has a height of 1’8″‒3’2″. But the Guinness World Record holder was a pig called Big Bill. When it died, it was around 7 feet 3 inches tall.

Compared to Big Bill, Daddy Pig’s height of around 8 feet shouldn’t be all that impossible. On the other hand, if Mr. Pig is truly 14 feet tall, he would be the new Guinness World Record holder in the pig-height category. In other words, he would be more than twice the height of the tallest pig that ever lived.

Still, there’s one more thing to take into consideration. Apart from the fact that Mr. Pig is an animated character, his height is also his length. The reason is that Daddy Pig stands and walks on his hind legs. So, you should really be comparing his height to an average pig’s length (2’11″‒5’11).

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