How To Get Pregnant Faster

How To Get Pregnant Faster

Conceiving comes with joy. It makes you feel good. However, if you take the time to conceive, things can be stressful. But that shouldn’t worry you. Turn to the best prenatal vitamins. Practice sex regularly. Eat well. Use the following tips and tricks to get pregnant faster.

Don’t Take Birth Control Pills

Are you currently taking birth control pills? Well, if you want to get pregnant first you should stop taking those pills. After taking birth control pills for a while, your body will take some time to start ovulating normally. That’s why you need to stop taking them right away.

Identify Fertile Window

Do you know when you ovulate? If not, then you may find it hard to get pregnant. But the good news is that you can always utilize OPKs (ovulation predictor kits) to keep track of your ovulation.

These tests are designed to check the level of luteinizing hormone in your urine. A surge in this hormone usually occurs about 2 days before you ovulate. With the help of these kits, you can effectively plan baby-making sex and boost your chances of getting pregnant.

Other methods include monitoring your menstrual cycle, basal body temperature, or cervical mucus.

Sex Before Ovulating Works

Keep track of your ovulation cycle. Having sex before you ovulate will increase your chances of getting pregnant. During this period, there’ll be sperm around to fertilize the egg immediately after it leaves the ovary. Remember, sperm can last up to 5 days in your reproductive system, but an egg can only survive for 1 day after it’s released.

So, if you want to become pregnant, consider taking advantage of the pre-ovulation period. Track your cervical mucus and start having sex once you see fertile-quality mucus. Alternatively, you can start doing it immediately after your period ends. Getting busy regularly will improve your chances of conceiving.

To Get Pregnant Faster

Sex Positions

Lying on your back after sex will allow sperm to pool together, and enhance their flow toward your egg. At this point, you should avoid elevating your legs. Although this doesn’t hurt, it won’t probably help as much as lying down does.

You may also want to consider having sex before bed. This will give you ample time to relax while lying on your back.

Don’t Make Baby-Making Blunders

During baby-making sex, you should avoid certain lubricants. You might think that lube will facilitate the quick flow of sperm, but the truth is that it might hinder you from becoming pregnant.

Most formulas disrupt will the PH balance in your vagina. As a result, they can inhibit sperm motility and jeopardize your pregnancy efforts. The earlier you make the necessary changes the better your chances of conceiving.

The Bottom-Line

There are many reasons why you are not conceiving quickly. From taking birth control to not taking healthy foods, there are so many reasons why you aren’t getting pregnant. Change the way you live. Eat well. Practice regular sex. Take the best pregnancy vitamins. Don’t take birth control pills. Use the above tips and tricks to get pregnant quickly.

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