3 Innovative Ways to Stay Connected Long-Distance Without a Zoom Call

3 Innovative Ways to Stay Connected Long-Distance Without a Zoom Call

Long-distance relationships can be very hard on couples and some struggle to think of innovative ways to stay connected. Of course, there is always a Facetime call or a virtual date on Zoom, but you’ve probably been there, done that, and want to try something new.

Next time you and your significant other want to connect virtually but are looking for something more interesting and fun to do together, try these three innovative date ideas below.

Watch a Movie Together

With apps available such as Teleparty, people can synchronize movies and shows allowing them to watch together in real time. Teleparty syncs with Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Disney+ allowing for a wide range of movies to choose from.

Couples can show each other their favorite movies or explore new releases together then use the chat feature to share reactions and have something interesting to discuss over the next phone call. For added bonding, do a video call together before the movie and prepare your favorite movie night snacks together such as popcorn, candy, or baked cookies.

Play Live Bingo Together

Couples that play together, stay together. Sure, you could play a game of cards while video chatting, but why not add some extra fun to your date by playing bingo live? This event takes place every night from 8:00-10:00 PM. Two live presenters can communicate with the audience via a live chat feature where you can also message your partner and other players.

This live event is more than just a game, but a party between all the players. When one player wins everyone celebrates with confetti, airhorns, and victory dances. The game features Odds & Evens, Double Bubble, Bonus Board, and Lucky Numbers giving you and your partner plenty of chances to win. This might be the most fun virtual date idea yet.

3 Innovative Ways to Stay Connected Long-Distance

Join a Virtual Museum Tour Together

For art lovers and history buffs, a virtual tour of a museum can give a couple a chance to learn something new while exploring a museum located on the other side of the planet. Museums from all over the world are now offering free virtual tours giving the public easy access to art and history.

Through virtual tours, you and your partner can see art from the greatest Renaissance painters or 3,000-year-old artifacts from the comfort of your couch.

You can visit the British Museum in London virtually and explore artifacts from Asia, Africa, the Americas, Oceania, and Europe including the famed Rosetta Stone. If you want to see modern art in New York, check out a virtual tour of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

You can start with a Google Street View tour to ogle at the modern architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and then wander the halls virtually to explore conceptual, postmodern, and installation art. Other renowned museums you can explore virtually are the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam), the Uffizi Gallery (Florence), Musée d’Orsay (Paris), the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Seoul), and the National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne).

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