What Is Nude Camping? A Quick Guide in The Basic Etiquettes

nude camping

Nudism and nude camping are not new, but over the past few years, these activities have started gaining popularity in the US, with more and more people trying them out. The feeling of warm sunlight and dewy grass on your bare skin is unparalleled.

But most people who have never gone nude camping would understandably have a lot of questions about it. If you are interested in finding more about nude camping and even experiencing it, keep reading!

What Is Nude Camping?


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Nude camping, also called “naturist” camping, is a form of camping or being one with nature while being naked. It is considered a minimalistic form of camping where campers remove their clothes to fully embrace and experience the natural lifestyle.

Nude camping happens in private and discreet campgrounds to adhere to privacy and legal concerns.

There are several naturist clubs in urban areas and nude or clothing-optional campgrounds scattered across the country.

Types of Nude Camping

Nude camping goes two ways. It can be 100% nude camping where the campers do not use a single piece of clothing. The guests are allowed to be nude everywhere at any time.

The other type is clothing-optional camping where campers are provided the freedom to don their clothes or go naked, based on their comfort level.

Benefits of Nude Camping


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Naturist camping offers a unique experience and comes with a host of benefits.

1. Boost in Vitamin D

Laying in warm sunlight in your birthday suit results in every inch of your skin soaking in a good dose of vitamin D, which is essential for optimal health. Not only does it help slow down signs of aging but it also improves immune function and heart health

2. Boost in Body Confidence

Nude camping allows you an opportunity to get comfortable in your own skin, thus helping increase your overall self-confidence. The nudist community is a non-judgmental group of people who promote acceptance of all people, regardless of body size and shape.

3. A Unique Camping Experience

The freedom that you get when nude camping is unparalleled. You get to enjoy nature in your natural state, free to walk, swim, and even socialize without a scrap of clothing on. The people you interact with here come from all walks of life, all wanting to be themselves with no judgment.

Etiquette and Rules of Nude Camping


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Every nude camping ground has its own set of rules and regulations, but there are certain etiquettes you must consider for an enjoyable experience.

#1. No Camera Phones Allowed

One of the top priorities of nude camping is ensuring that their guests’ privacy is secured. Most camping grounds do not allow cameras while some ask you to put a sticker on your camera’s phone.

Nobody wants their picture taken when they are in a vulnerable state. People go nude camping to relax and be free without having to worry about their privacy being violated.

Snapping photos is allowed if and only if the other party or other visitors have given their consent.

Most of the time, these nudist campgrounds have zero-tolerance policies for guests who violate this rule.

#2. Keep your Towel With You At All Times

Towels are your best friends when outdoors. Having a towel handy will help you avoid getting scrapes on your butt while lounging on the logs and grounds.

It will also keep things sanitary as visitors are advised to place a towel first before sitting down anywhere on the campsite.

#3. Public Displays of Affection is a No-No

Nude camping is not intended to be arousing. Remember that nudist destinations, including camping grounds, are almost always family-friendly destinations, so any overt public display of affection will be frowned upon.

Most camping grounds allow holding hands or a quick hug but nothing more. Lewd behavior is absolutely unwelcome and not allowed.

#4. Be Respectful of Other’s Space

Mutual respect is important when you’re camping in the nude. When you’re choosing a spot to relax, make sure you keep enough distance from those around you so that you’re not encroaching on their personal space.

You’ll be surrounded by naked bodies. Don’t stare. Not only is it rude but it can also make others feel uncomfortable with you.

Educate yourself on the camping ground’s rules and have realistic expectations from your environment and the other campers.

Finding a Location for Nude Camping

To make the most of this experience, you need to find a nude camping spot that you’ll be comfortable in.

The American Association for Nude Recreation, or AANR, is an excellent place to start. You can go through their recommended list of places to visit and learn more about the dos and don’ts of this activity.

Best Nude Campground In the US


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Nude camping can be freeing and very exciting, and the location can have a significant impact on your experience.

Here are the five best nude campgrounds in the US that you should look into for your next camping trip.

#1. Emerald Lake Naturist Resort

Located in Yarmouth, Maine, Emerald Lake Naturist Resort is your camping ground of choice if you want to have a luxurious nude camping experience. It has a private lake, tennis courts, and even an outdoor pool.

#2. Dyer Woods Nudist Campground

Located in Durham, New Hampshire, Dyer Woods Nudist Campground is a private family-oriented nudist campground that aims to provide a safe environment for its visitors. The rustic and tranquil locale is perfect for soloists, couples, and groups of friends.

#3. Hidden River Resort

Nestles in a picturesque forest in Florida, Hidden River Resort provides a stress-free environment for first-timers. Guests can not only bring their RVs but also their pets, horses, or bicycles to go on the country road trails.

#4. White Tail Resort

With hiking trails, fishing ponds, and volleyball courts, White Tail Resort is one of the best nudist resorts where you can relax and be one with nature. Stay in their indoor motel rooms, pitch a tent, or bring our RV, the White Tail Resort strives to accommodate all guests and provide a safe and relaxing experience.

#5. Valley View Hot Springs

Perhaps the best introduction to nudist camping, this campground located in Colorado’s San Luis Valley is surrounded by natural hot springs and several hiking spots. Valley View Hot Springs is a family-friendly place offering various amenities and a clothing-optional allowance.

Nude Camping: Quick Tips

#1. Research your camping location carefully.
#2. Be respectful and considerate of others.
#3. Trust your camping ground facility and personnel to care for you and your needs.
#4. Slather on a lot of sunscreen.
#5. If at any point you want to cover up or get away, that’s okay too. Give yourself time to adjust.

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