8 Symbols of Strength and Their Meanings: All You Should Know

symbols of strength

Symbols have held a deep significance throughout human history. They have been used to represent certain virtues such as strength, resilience, power, and protection. Different symbols can mean different things to people, depending on their situations.

Symbols of strength, for example, serve as a visual representation of resilience and give people courage. These symbols are unique in every religion and culture. Symbols of strength can be worn as talismans or used in the form of crafts and arts. Here are 8 symbols of strength and what they represent.

These symbols provide human beings with a steady stream of power under certain circumstances and even form a certain belief. Therefore, they are also often designed as elements for different occasions. For example, some groups will add elements of Griffin when designing their logos. Or, some organizations will use certain symbols as elements to make customized products, such as custom coins for their events, which can also act as an incentive and inspiration.

8 Symbols Of Strength And Their Meanings

#1. The Phoenix


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The phoenix is arguably one of the most popular symbols of strength. It is a mythological bird that bursts into flames and dies, only to be reborn from the ashes of the fire that consumed it.

The phoenix is inherently representative of strength because rising after falling takes physical and mental strength, inner power, and determination.

Today, the phoenix continues to be a reminder of resilience and not letting the challenges of life keep you down.

#2. Griffin



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Depending on the culture, the griffin may be portrayed differently, but it is typically seen as an elemental creature with a lion’s body and an eagle’s wings and head. Variations of this creature can be found in diverse cultures across the world.

Griffins are strong and wise beasts — a combination of two equally powerful animals, the lion and the eagle. They are perceived as symbols of strength, courage, and wisdom.

Most coats of arms from royal families and soldiers have a griffin incorporated in them. Even Alexander the Great used the griffin as his official emblem.

#3. The Lotus Flower


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This delicate Asian aquatic plant thrives in slow-moving rivers. However, what appears to be a vulnerable flower is also a symbol of strength in Buddhism because of its resilience in surviving and thriving in a murky, dark environment until it finally blooms.

From the very beginning, the lotus flower has to survive against all the elements in the water to claim its rightful place on the surface. It represents the determination and strength to overcome obstacles.

#4. Hamsa (The Hand of Fatima)


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Hamsa, or the Hand of Fatima, is a symbol of strength and an amulet shaped like a palm.

It is a prevalent symbol in the Middle East that shows a right-hand palm with its five fingers close together and has the evil eye placed in the middle of the open palm.

The Hamsa is commonly used as a form of protection against evil energies. It is believed that whoever has this symbol will emerge stronger against any negative elements.

The Hamsa is also referred to as the Hand of Miriam in Judaism and symbolizes universal strength, protection, and power.

#5. Uruz


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The minimalistic Uruz is part of the Nordic rune of progression. It is also known as the “rune of the ox” and symbolizes natural physical and mental health.

Closely associated with bravery, endurance, fertility, and virility, the symbol is typically worn as an amulet believing that it provides renewed strength and supremacy to its wearer.

The word “Uruz” comes from “aurochs,” a native European ox that is a cross between a bison and a mammoth. And although both beasts are already extinct, they are also usually used to depict strength and power.

#6. The Dragon


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In Asia, strength and power are best presented by the mythical and omniscient dragon. The dragon signifies strength, leadership, and good luck. It also represented the Chinese Emperor and his strength to rule the dynasties as well as to convey positive energy and ward off evil spirits.

Being described as having the strength and characteristics of a dragon is the highest compliment you can receive because it means that you are mighty and have good leadership skills and impressive physical and mental strength.

#7. Scarab Beetles


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A popular Egyptian symbol, scarab beetles represent vitality, fertility, and physical strength. It is also associated with resurrection and immortality.

The scarab beetle has long been associated with the Egyptian god Khepri because the ancient Egyptians believed Khepri pushed the sun across the sky, quite like scarab beetles pushing a ball of dung.

You will commonly see amulets or jewelry with the scarab beetle engraved on them because it is believed to attract positive energy and give its wearer the strength to overcome all challenges in life. The toughness of the shell of a scarab beetle is also believed to offer a layer of protection to the wearer and is thus regarded as a good luck charm.

#8. Oak Trees


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When you think of an oak tree, you automatically think of its natural strength and sturdiness.

Oak is the material of choice for constructing ships and buildings primarily because of its reliable strength. With their extensive root systems that grow as tall as the actual tree above, it’s no wonder the oak tree is a widely known symbol of resilience and endurance.

Throughout history and across various cultures, the symbol of an oak tree has been used to indicate strength, such as in Greek mythology where it was the symbol of Zeus, the God of Thunder, or in Slavic mythology where it is representative of the entire world.

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