8 Brilliant Romantic Bath Ideas for Your Special Night

romantic bath ideas

Want to make a romantic night even more special? Sharing a romantic bath can help you grow closer to your loved one, but only if you do it right. It can’t just be a simple shower, soap, lather, and rinse.

To make your bath romantic, details matter, and that’s what this guide is here to help you with. It’s not rocket science, so don’t worry. Most of the ideas this blog will talk about revolve around improving aesthetics. Before you hop in the tub together, check out some of these romantic bath ideas to help you spice things up.

8 Romantic Bath Ideas

#1. Use Ideal Water Temperature


Remember, two bodies are going into the bathtub, so it’s going to be pretty warm. If the water’s too hot, it’ll make both of you sweaty and uncomfortable, and that’s unconducive for romance.

The ideal temperature for bathwater varies with season. Warm baths are better for winter, but if it’s a hot summer day, you might want to consider a cool bath instead.

While you intend to set a romantic mood, the purpose of a bath remains unchanged. You want your partner to feel refreshed, so make sure you pick the right temperature.

#2. Use Diffusers & Essential Oils

The right scent can be an aphrodisiac. Scents are integral to a sensual romantic evening because your olfactory senses are connected to your mood. Lavender, for example, has been known to emit a fragrance capable of decreasing stress and anxiety, thereby improving the mood for romance.

Bath oils are one way to achieve fragrance but if you want something stronger that can fill up the room, use a diffuser instead. Diffusers come in all kinds of varieties and work just like a plug-in vaporizer. You also get to use a wider variety of fragrance blends.

#3. Add Bubble Jets & Epsom Salts

Shiny, eye-catching, and slow-moving, bubbles can help set the tone for your romantic bath. They also make the water foamy enough to hide your body if you’re one of those couples that enjoy taking pictures. All you need to do is pour some bubble bath into running water. Just make sure you don’t overdo it and cause bubbles to flow out of the bath.

Epsom salts, or magnesium sulfate, releases ions that can be absorbed through your skin and serve important bodily functions like sleep, stress reduction, digestion, and recovery from fatigue or injury. But apart from the health benefits, using bath salts can also help to soften and detoxify your skin. You can purchase Epsom or any kind of bath salt at a bed and bath or beauty supply store.

#4. Add Rose Petals


Rose petals are a cliche but one that everyone loves and your partner will likely appreciate. They add a blissful aesthetic and a stunning red hue to a bath. If you want to make things exciting for your partner on your special night, adding rose petals sends just the right message.

If you don’t want to spend time plucking the petals off roses or soak them into your bath, you can opt for floral arrangements to beautify the bathroom instead. They will also keep longer so you can extend your romantic date.

#5. Play Music in The Background

Some light piano, harp, or jazz in the background can go a long way to help you set the mood for a romantic evening. As you know, music can have a powerful effect on your mood. It can effectively elevate you or sadden you.

When selecting a playlist, aim for something relaxing and soothing to listen to.

#6. Set The Mood with Proper Bathroom Lighting

The ambiance of a room is 90% in the lighting. Dim lighting gives off a more casual and relaxing vibe whereas extra bright white lighting can make you feel like you’re on a production set.

Pick colors that are soothing for the eyes to look at for extended periods, so you can enjoy a longer romantic evening.

#7. Light Some Candles


Candlelight is synonymous with romance. Candles cast a mellow and pleasing shade of light that’s conducive to romance and intimacy. Candles are also available in both scented and unscented varieties.

If you’re planning to use bath oils or a diffuser, it would be better to use an unscented candle because you don’t want to create a chaotic medley of different fragrances. If you’re getting scented candles, cancel the bath oils. And if you want to use both, make sure the aromas complement each other.

Remember to place the candles away from the bath itself and out of reach so you have enough space to move around. The ideal spot for a candle would be near a mirror or some kind of chrome surface that would beautifully reflect its light. Also, remember to place them away from flammable objects and materials.

#8. Create Refreshing Drinks

Sitting empty-handed in a bath can get a little boring sometimes. Why not have some refreshing drinks like cocktails or mixers to help stimulate conversation, intimacy, and make the evening more interesting.

If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic beverage, a soothing tea or a nice thick milkshake can also be romantic.

Tips For a Romantic Bath

#1. Remember to clean your bathroom thoroughly. A dirty bathroom is the enemy of a romantic bath.

#2. Use fragrances that are known to help relax the mind and body.

#3. Don’t use too many salts, scents, or bubbles. Overdoing it in any of these areas could ruin the bath.

#4. Have some oversized, half-sized, and plush towels nearby.

#5. Check the temperature of the bath before getting in.

#6. If you’re using candles, it would be handy to keep an extinguisher nearby just in case you need it.

#7. If your partner’s feeling exhausted, end with a relaxing massage.

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