The Sleepover Snacks Guide To Satisfy Your Midnight Cravings

sleepover snacks

Hosting your kid’s pajama party? Or are you planning a girl’s night in with your besties? Either way, to make your sleepover a success, you need some epic snacks to fuel you through the night! Sleepover snacks are a must-have for any night-in.

Not only should these snacks fill your tummies, but they should also be delicious and preferably not include too much junk. Here’s a brief guide to help you stock up!

What Is A Sleepover Snack?


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As the name suggests, a sleepover snack is any food that you can enjoy in the wee hours of the night.

The best part about sleepover snacks is that they are foods you can munch on while watching movies, playing board games or video games, or even when having heart-to-heart conversations with your best friends.

5 Common Sleepover Snacks To Buy Off The Shelf

#1. Cookies and Candy


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Bedtime cookies are a guilty tradition everyone loves. Be it indulgent chocolate chip cookies or “healthy” oatmeal raisin cookies, they are one of the most convenient snacks you can find in various flavors on supermarket shelves.

Grab some all-time favorite Danish cookies, pretzels, Chips Ahoy, or Oreos. And don’t forget to fill up some glasses of milk to dunk these scrumptious cookies in.

You can also get popular favorite candies like M&Ms, Skittles, and Starbursts along with a few chocolates if you really feel like indulging your sweet tooth.

#2. Ice cream

Ice cream

A tub or two of different ice cream flavors is a sleepover snack that everyone will enjoy. Serve it family-style or get your friends to customize their own ice creams with favorite toppings and sprinkles.

You can even make ice cream sandwiches — there’s really no wrong way to eat ice cream.

#3. Trail and Snack Mixes


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For some healthy munching through the night, you can’t beat a good trail mix. Make sure you get a variety of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits.

It’s a great healthy snack to help balance all the sweets that you will be eating.

#4. Deli Trays


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Deli trays are a fantastic sleepover snack option as they can also double up as a filling meal. A platter or two should satisfy everyone’s unique palates and you can create different combinations with the different meats.

It is also a cost-effective choice since they are available at fairly affordable prices in most supermarkets.

#5. Chips and Crackers


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Sleepovers are a great excuse to get your fill of junk food and deliciously unhealthy snacks. Grab your Cheetos, Pringles, and Doritos for night-time junk snacking.

Pair your chips and crackers with cheese and prepare different types of dips and salsa.

Sleepover Snacks You Can Make With Everyday Household Items


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If ordering pizzas or other snacks is not an option, you can still use whatever you have in your pantry and create delicious sleepover snacks.

#1. Half a cup of popcorn kernels plus some heated peanut butter and jelly makes for insanely delicious peanut butter jelly popcorn.
#2. Sliced green apples dipped in chocolate and coated in some crushed walnuts or almonds — healthy candy apple wedges.
#3. Make a simple but tasty clubhouse sandwich with toasted bread, ham, bacon or salami, cheese, mayonnaise, some green lettuce, and tomatoes!
#4. Dip bananas in yogurt and roll them in some cereal. Freeze them, and you have the best homemade banana cereal pops.
#5. Pair fresh fruits like strawberries, grapes, berries, oranges, and pineapples with some whipped cream or melted chocolate.

Versatile Sleepover Snack Ingredients


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Not in the mood to buy bulks of snack food? Don’t worry! These simple ingredients are incredibly versatile and can be used to create different snacks.

#1. Sandwich bread
#2. Different sandwich spreads like peanut butter, jelly, cream cheese, or hummus
#3. Cured ham, bacon, salami, or pepperoni
#4. Any kind of cheese
#5. Fruits and vegetables
#6. Cereals
#7. Chips and crackers
#8. Chocolate bars
#9. Milk

Easy To Prepare Sleepover Snacks


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Here are some easy recipes to create the best sleepover snacks. The best part? Most of the ingredients you’ll need are readily available in your home!

#1. Banana Berry Frozen Yogurt
#2. Chocolate Chip Pizza
#3. Easy Homemade Nachos
#4. Biscoff Cookie Butter Pretzels
#5. Granola Bars
#6. Creamy Coconut and Mixed Berries Popsicles
#7. Rainbow Rice Krispies Treats
#8. Hot Pizza Dip Bites
#9. Lucky Charms Marshmallow Treats
#10. Princess Toast

Sleepover Snacks Dos and Don’ts

Yes, even sleepover snacks have some rules and guidelines that you should follow.

Do these:

#1. Plan the sleepover snacks by considering who will be spending the night and their food preferences and allergies.
#2. Keep dinner light so you don’t feel too stuffed to indulge in your sleepover snacks.
#3. Serve sugary snacks first.
#4. Skip the sodas and go for natural fruit juices and water for beverages.
#5. Turn snack time and food preparations into a fun and engaging activity.
#6. Incorporate healthy snacks to balance all the junk food.

Don’t do these:

#1. Serve snacks that are all sugary.
#2. Keep refilling everyone’s bowls and plates. Let everyone help themselves as and when they want to.

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