Make Him Laugh Out Loud: 23 Best Gag Gifts for Men

gag gifts for men

There’s one thing all men have in common: love for all things funny. That means whenever there’s a birthday party coming up, or Valentine’s day is around the corner, but you have no idea what to get for your special guy, these gag gifts for men will save the day!

From helpful everyday items to completely useless but hilarious finds, this list truly has it all!

23 Gag Gifts for Men That Will Leave Him in Stitches

Useful Gag Gifts for Men

1. Bottle Opener Ring


Image source: Pinterest

This bottle opener ring is a fantastic gift even for men who don’t like to wear jewelry. The ring not only looks good, but it can open bottles, so suffice to say, he’s going to love it! You can even choose the color of the ring to match his style.

2. Bug or Mold Bags


Image source: Pinterest

You may be wondering why these bug bags are listed in the “useful gag gifts for men” section. There are actually two reasons for this. First, they’re bags, so you can pack stuff in them. Second, the bug will ensure that no one touches the contents inside!

Ultimately, if you decide to get him these bags, you’ll need to go all out with this prank. Make him a sandwich before he gets up, and pack it in his lunch box. Make sure he doesn’t see it before he gets to work. Once it’s time for lunch, he (and whoever is around him at the time) will get an unexpected surprise!

And if you want to keep the prank running even longer, you can also opt for these moldy bags. They’re a bit more realistic and will definitely fool more people than the bug bags!

3. Shower Beer Holder


Image source: Pinterest

Women tend to hoard a ton of hair and body products in the shower. With that in mind, it’s only fair to give your man a bit of space for his beer. This shower beer holder will keep his beer sud-free, and he’ll really appreciate the thought behind this gift. The only problem is he may use up all the hot water every time he jumps in the shower!

4. Water Bottle With a Sarcastic Print


Image source: Pinterest

If there was ever a perfect gift for your favorite sarcastic guy, it would have to be this water bottle! He obviously needs to stay hydrated, which means it will come in handy. But the “if only sarcasm could burn calories” print is what makes this water bottle so special!

5. Shakespearean Insult Bandages


Image source: Pinterest

Does your significant other tend to get hurt all the time? If so, then he needs to keep some bandages around the house. But why buy him regular ones when such a thing as Shakespearean Insult Bandages exists?

Each pack contains 15 ingenious insults, as well as a surprise at the bottom of each tin!

6. Nag Notes


Image source: Pinterest

It’s a well-known fact that men and women often seem like they are from two different planets. While women tend to multitask throughout the day, men prefer to “go with the flow”. Clearly, there are exceptions to this rule, but if your significant other falls into the aforementioned category, you may need to find a way to get him to do his part of the chores.

These “Nag Notes” are both useful and hilarious, but most importantly, they’re a fun way to let him know there’s work to be done!

7. “52 Cheap Dates at Home” Book


Image source: Pinterest

As you may have figured out already, this gift will really come in handy for you. If your boyfriend/husband isn’t as creative as you want him to be, and you’re sick of complaining about his lack of ideas for date night, this book will make all the difference in the world.

It’s filled with some affordable suggestions for a nice date night at home. And, there’s a good chance he’ll find your gift idea both cheeky and thoughtful!

Ridiculous Gag Gifts for Men

8. Fart Bombs


Image source: Pinterest

For some reason, men seem to find flatulence fascinating. Although no one seems to know why, the great thing about it is that you can use it to your advantage. Get your man a box of fart bombs, and watch his face light up! But, make sure to get as far away as possible before he opens one, as they’re pretty “fragrant”. One whiff, and you may end up questioning your life choices!

9. Flavored Crickets


Image source: Pinterest

Depending on how dedicated he is to pranking, this pack of flavored crickets is bound to make your boyfriend/husband the center of attention. He can go around freaking out people by biting off cricket heads in public. The only thing is ㅡ they’re actually real!

But don’t tell him that. Just let him take a whiff of this delightful delicacy and wait until he swallows the cricket before letting him in on the secret. To be fair, these critters are quite tasty, so he probably won’t mind eating a few more after the initial shock wears off.

10. High Five Wind-Up Toy


Image source: Pinterest

Completely useless, but still a fun gag gift, this high-five wind-up toy is a great desk prop. It doesn’t do much, but at least your significant other won’t be left hanging!

11. Weird Candy Canes


Image source: Pinterest

Candy canes are meant to be sweet, right? But, what if they’re not?

These bacon-flavored candy canes are, without a doubt, the ultimate Christmas stocking stuffer! Everyone loves bacon, but there’s just something special about eating a candy cane that tastes salty instead of sweet.

Or, perhaps these pickle-flavored ones may seem more appetizing?

Fun Gag Gifts for Men That You Can Enjoy as Well

12. Games


Image source: Pinterest

Since it’s only fair that you get to have a bit of fun as well, why not buy him a gag gift you can play with together? For example, there are some fun board games you can check out, each one more ridiculous than the last!

  • F*ck, Marry, Kill

F*ck, Marry, Kill is an adult card game. You can play this game with two or more players, and the goal is for the contestants to guess which 3 characters they think the other would f*ck, marry or kill. In the end, there are no winners, but it’s an entertaining game to play nonetheless.

  • Donner Dinner Party

The Donner Dinner Party is a game where the players are transported back to 1846. Each player is a wagon train member stranded at the top of a mountain with little food and provisions.
The players have hidden identities, and the goal of the game is to avoid being eaten.

Basically, this is a social deduction game in which the players can be either pioneers or cannibals. The pioneers have the equipment to help them survive, but the cannibals have nothing.

While the pioneers go hunting for food, the cannibals try to prevent them from succeeding. If the number of cannibals is equal to the number of pioneers by the end of the game, the cannibals win. On the other hand, if the pioneers manage to survive for seven weeks, the cannibals lose.

  • Beer Yoga

Beer Yoga is a party game that combines drinking beer and performing yoga positions. Each set contains 54 cards with yoga positions you have to perform. The players take turns rolling the dice to see who goes first, and the player with the highest number then takes a card from the top of the deck.

When a player performs the pose correctly, they can take a chip. If not, they have to drink. The player with the most chips wins, but the player with the least chips will probably be too buzzed to care!

Personalized Gag Gifts for Men

13. Boxers


Image source: Pinterest

Your partner will love all the thought you’ve put into this gift! You can customize these boxers to feature a picture of you or basically anything you can think of. You can truly get creative with the poses as well!

14. Socks


Image source: Pinterest

If you’re not crazy about putting your face on his boxers, you can get him some cute personalized socks instead!

Novelty Gag Gifts for Men

15. Beer Helmet


Image source: Pinterest

You’ve probably seen this type of drinking hat on TV and thought to yourself, “well, this looks perfectly ridiculous.” But, if you’re looking for a gag gift that only a man could truly appreciate, here it is!

This novelty beer helmet can hold two beverages, so he can simply plop down on the couch and enjoy some hands-free drinks. It’s the ultimate accessory for tailgating or taking trips to the beach. Not to mention, he’ll be the main attraction at your next barbeque or house party!

16. Disappointment Sigh Gadget


Image source: Offthewagonshop.com

Even though this is considered a gag gift, everyone could use a “disappointment sigh” gadget in their life. It’s the perfect way to express your annoyance with the world, and it’s bound to get tons of laughs.

However, if you buy this gadget for your other half, be warned: he’ll definitely use it during an argument. But, it may not be such a bad thing, as there’s no way you both won’t end up laughing afterward!

17. “The Office” Mini Tin Case With Pez


Image source: Pinterest

Does your man love watching The Office? Get him this fun mini tin briefcase packed with four Pez dispensers. Michael, Jim, Pam, and Dwight are all included inside, as well as a six-pack of Pez. Best of all, he can even use the box as a lunch bag!

18. Self-Help Book


Image source: Pinterest

What’s the secret to being happy? Drinking, of course!

This is the best self-help book in the world, thanks to the hidden compartment where your guy can stash a flask. Best of all, nobody’s going to know!

19. Pint-Sized Workout Cards


Image source: Pinterest

For every man that likes drinking beer, these pint-sized workout cards will definitely put a smile on their face! After each beer, your significant other will have to draw a card and perform the recommended exercise. Who knows, he may even bring the cards out to the bar!

Embarrassing Gag Gifts for Men

20. Prank Mail Gift


Image source: Pinterest

If you’re looking for some embarrassing gag gifts for men, you’ve struck gold with this one! Sending your partner prank mail is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. You can choose between sending him an embarrassing DVD, or perhaps you’d rather get him this Herpes kit? Whichever option you choose, there’s a 100% chance he’ll turn bright red.

And, if you are sure it won’t cause any problems, consider sending the gift to his workplace. That will surely mortify him!

21. Book of Dad Jokes


Image source: Pinterest

This gift isn’t embarrassing to receive. But, the contents of “The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes” are. Just think, your significant other can have access to hilarious gems such as:

• My wife said I should do lunges to stay in shape. That would be a big step forward.
• I don’t trust those trees. They seem kind of shady.

22. “What Not to Say” Book


Image source: Pinterest

If you like the idea of dad jokes books, but your boyfriend/husband is already a master of the craft, perhaps this book on what not to say would be a better-suited gift. As you would expect, it’s filled with tactless quotes no one should ever consider uttering out loud.

What’s more, this gag gift may even turn out to be educational, as it sheds light on what’s considered inappropriate.

23. Hilarious Birthday Cards


Image source: Pinterest

When your significant other’s special day comes, a fun birthday card is a must. The same goes for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and any other festive occasion you can think of. But, not just any card will do!

Make sure you pick one of these cards and send it to him at work. He’ll get a nice laugh, and so will his coworkers!

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