18 Fun And Exciting Things To Do For Your 18th Birthday Bash

things to do for your 18th birthday

Turning 18 is considered a milestone for every young adult. And to celebrate such a landmark event, you need an equally amazing party to mark the day. Whether you’re an adventure junkie, a party animal, or have any other nice interests, there are plenty of ways you can celebrate your 18th birthday according to your likes and passions.

Here’s a curated list of the 18 most fun things to do for your 18th birthday.

18 Things To Do For Your 18th Birthday

#1. Scavenger Hunt

One of the most innovative and creative party ideas, a scavenger hunt can be a lot of fun especially if you have a lot of people and a large enough area to play in. Don’t confine yourselves to your home — turn your entire block or even the town into your playing area!

The essence of a good scavenger hunt is to have an element of surprise and keep everyone engaged. All of your guests will have so much fun that the prize at the end of the scavenger hunt would just be a bonus.

#2. Hiking


If you love the outdoors and want to spend your special doing what you love best, take your close friends along with you on a refreshing hike to your favorite spot! Apart from being healthy, hiking can be a great bonding activity and an excellent way to spend quality time with people close to your heart.

It can also be a way to introduce the thrill of being outdoors to someone who is not too keen on this adventure. You can make the hike even more special by choosing a location where you can go camping or opt for a place with a cabin and a lake.

#3. Karaoke Night

Love belting out our favorite songs? Host a karaoke night and sing your heart out with your favorite people. You can either rent a karaoke bar for your group or even set up a rented karaoke machine in your home.

This is a great party idea because you have all your guests participate and have fun while also keeping the celebrations low-key.

#4. Roller Skating Party

Go retro with a super-fun roller skating party! This is one birthday bash idea that will ensure that everyone you love has a great time.

There is little to no preparation required; all you have to do is book the roller rink and maybe request some disco music to really get into the groove!

#5. Outdoor Movie Night

A movie marathon is a chill and inexpensive way to celebrate your 18th birthday. And you can do this in so many ways!

Pick all the movies you want to watch with your friends and family and set up a projector in your garden. Make sure you have plenty of snacks. Or you can also go old school and head on over with everyone to a drive-in theater.

#6. Paintball Party


Ready for a game of strategy, survival, and bucketloads of fun? Fire up a paintball gun to welcome your 18th birthday!

Besides, paintball parties are quite easy to plan since most paintball fields offer birthday packages that you can customize based on your preference. Get everyone’s adrenaline going as you ninja your way out of being hit.

#7. Camping Trip

Huddle up around a warm bonfire as you roast marshmallows under the moonlight — can you think of a better way to spend your birthday? Welcoming your coming of age by spending a day under the night stars with your family and friends can be very exciting as well as relaxing.

Head out to the woods and get all your friends to bring their favorite snacks like chips and dip, candied yam, and of course, a cake!

#8. Throw A Costume Party

The sky’s the limit with this idea! Get your family and friends to dress up and celebrate your day.

There are hundreds of themes that you can choose from — Alice in Wonderland, Arabian Nights, Glitz and Glamor, Burlesque, Casino & Vegas, and so much more.

#9. Pool Party

If your birthday is during the summer, having a splash in the pool can be a fantastic way to celebrate your birthday.

Make sure you have a steady supply of floating sticks and rafts for some water games, along with a good stereo system and lots of refreshments. And if you want to kick things up a notch, have an outdoor barbeque going for all your guests!

#10. Bowling


A bowling party is one of the most laidback ways to celebrate being an adult. Score a strike or a spare and win the night by just having fun and being with friends.

Coordinate with the bowling alley so you can make the reservations prior to your event and make arrangements for food and refreshments.

#11. Pajama Party and Sleepover

Reminisce on the many sleepovers you had growing up with this cozy birthday party idea. Just because you are becoming an adult doesn’t mean you can’t have a slumber party!

Invite your friends to wear the most comfortable or the most outrageous PJs and camp out in your bedroom. Make this your cheat day, too, by ordering some yummy junk food while watching your favorite rom-com and talking until the sun comes up!

#12. Spa Day

Give yourself and your girlfriends some TLC. Nothing beats a day of being pampered from head to toe at a relaxing spa.

Treat yourself to a rejuvenating massage, jacuzzi, facials, and other treatments at your favorite spa. You’ll be welcoming adulthood feeling renewed!

#13. Host A Fancy Dinner

A luxurious dinner is an elegant and intimate way to celebrate your 18th birthday. And you don’t need to book an expensive restaurant — you can turn your own home, garden, or backyard into a gorgeous setting for a delightful evening.

Brush up your culinary skills or seek the cooking expertise of your mom or grandmother, or just order in from a fancy restaurant. Finalize your guest list and the menu and get all your friends to dress up for this special evening.

#14. Go To The Amusement Park With Friends

Amusement Park

Celebrate your inner child by having a fun day at the amusement park with your friends. Get that adrenaline rush from the roller coaster rides and ride the Ferris wheel and carousels.

The thrill of the various rides and games will have all your friends having the best time; not to mention the incredible food you can feast on.

#15. Go On A Road Trip

Plan a weekend trip with the best people you know and go out to that new place you’ve been keen on visiting! This will be a great way to form some amazing memories of officially being an adult.

You can also have a solo trip to mark your official independence; just make sure you’re safe and take the necessary precautions.

#16. Go To An Escape Room

Fun for both large and smaller groups, an escape room can incredibly fun. Divide your birthday guests into teams and try to get out of a locked room by solving mysteries.

It’s an exciting way to test how you can handle pressure and stress and survive. Afterward, celebrate with some cake and ice cream while you go over all the fun puzzles and mysteries!

#17. Throw A House Party

Host the most epic birthday party at your own home. Pick a theme and order a stack of pizzas for all your friends.

You can have a game night, set up a photo booth at home, or just blast some music and dance the night away!

#18. Go To The Arcade

If you are a gamer at heart and have a weakness for tickets and prizes, grab your friends and have your best birthday at the arcade!

Get competitive with racing and dancing games as you try and beat each other to reach the next level and beat that high score!

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