Explained: What Does Ringing in the Right Ear Mean Spiritually?

what does ringing in the right ear mean spiritually

Every person’s spiritual journey is unique and complex. Often, during the course of your spiritual journey, you may become more inclined and sensitive to energy and other spiritual signs. One such example is experiencing odd sounds or sensations.

So, if you want to know what the ringing in your right ear means spiritually, it’s time to explore. Here are the top 8 spiritual meanings of right ear ringing.

8 Spiritual Meanings of Ringing In Right Ear


#1. A Message from an Angel

Ringing in your right ear could be an indication that an angel, a spirit guide, or even a departed loved one is trying to communicate with you.

Such a message from spiritual beings would typically cause a high-pitched ringing. And the message that you “hear” is often vague and will need you to put in a lot of thought to interpret the meaning. But with awareness and intuition, you should be able to understand what the angel is telling you.

These messages usually are mere reminders to let you know that you are never alone and are being lovingly watched over.

#2. An Indication That It’s Time to Work on Spirituality

It may be possible that the higher beings have decided that you need divine intervention when it comes to your spirituality. To lead you towards spiritual progress, the ringing in your right ear may be a call to action.

This can enable you to be stronger and more committed to your spiritual path and may encourage you in the process of finding yourself.

#3. A Sign Of Good Fortune

Another sign of ringing in your right ear is that prosperity is on the way. It can indicate that good luck is on your way, so you have to keep moving forward to attract this good fortune and claim it.

However, make sure you do not rely on this sign 100%. It is always a good idea to assess all your decisions and be open to all the opportunities you see.

#4. Someone Is Talking About You

This is one of the oldest and most popular old wives’ tales — if someone is talking about you, your ears will start to burn, and you will hear ringing in your right ear.

While there may be just a little more than a grain of truth in such beliefs, there have been different interpretations over time.

It is believed that if someone is talking about you, your angel or spiritual guide will attempt to warn you, and you’ll hear ringing in your ear. Generally, this happens if someone is gossiping or talking negatively about you. So, the ringing in your ear serves to make you aware of this and warn you.

On the other hand, it can also mean that someone is praising you.

It is essential to be careful when interpreting the ringing because you don’t want to be too paranoid of the people around you.

#5. Spiritual Emergency

A sudden and loud ringing in your right ear is a strong indication of a spiritual crisis. It can be your guardian angel or a higher being trying to send you an important and urgent message that you need to act on immediately.

Spiritual emergencies come in varying degrees. For example, you may be struggling with your everyday responsibilities, or you may be experiencing frequent synchronicity or significant coincidences and strange hallucinations.

The ringing in your ears is an indication that you need to slow down and pause, so you can introspect and assess yourself, your faith, and your understanding of your current predicament.

#6. Your Guardian Angel Is Watching Over You

Since ringing in the right ear is most often associated with angels and spirit guides, a common interpretation of the ringing is that you may be having a moment with your guardian angel where it is just a sign that you are watched over.

It can also be a sign of encouragement and hope, especially if you encounter the ringing in your ear when you are feeling down and disheartened. Essentially, your guardian angel is making its presence known.

#7. A Change in Your Life Is Coming

Another known meaning of ringing in the right ear is that a change is coming your way. Change is inevitable, and you might need to mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually start preparing for certain new adjustments in your routine and life.

This change can be something that you have been hoping for or one that will completely catch you by surprise. But being prepared can help you accept and thrive with these changes.

#8. Spiritual Blessing

Apart from all the signs and interpretations, the ringing in your right ear may just be a blessing from a higher power.

It’s a sign from a higher power that a spiritual gift is coming your way. It is a reminder that you are not alone and to look forward to upcoming good fortune, be it with your family, career, education, and relationships.

Different Types of Sounds In The Right Ear and Their Spiritual Significance


#1. High Pitched and Low Pitched Sounds

A high-pitched ringing in your right ear is an indication of a spiritual being, such as an angel or a spirit of light, communicating with your crown chakra, also known as the spiritual center.

On the other hand, a low-pitched ringing is a lower vibrational element that is often a result of negative emotions like stress, apprehension, and anger. It indicates that you need to step back, relax, and become grounded to better deal with your current situation.

#2. Loud ringing

A loud and abrupt ringing in your right ear that lasts only a few seconds is typically an attempt from your angel or spirit guide to get your attention.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a warning but more of a heads-up that something needs your attention urgently.

#3. Buzzing sound

Also referred to as white noise, the buzzing sound that you hear in your right ear signals a solid connection to another being. This can be your partner, child, parent, friend, or pet.

This energetic bond you share with someone leads to a vibrational pull in the form of soft buzzing.

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