What Are the Key Differences Between Assisted and Independent Living?

Key Differences Between Assisted and Independent Living

Journeying along the road to old age can be daunting because our bodies begin to deteriorate, which can leave us unable to carry out simple daily tasks. Therefore, some people need to move into assisted living care homes, where medical staff will take care of their needs. Alternatively, independent living facilities don’t provide medical care but will have services for enriching their residents’ lives. If you’re struggling to choose which is right for you, you’ve come to the right place — simply continue reading below.

Community Amenities

Assisted living is great for aging people who need that extra bit of help, or are suffering from conditions including Alzheimer’s, dementia, and cancer. A caregiver will prep their meals and help them to clean, shop, dress, and much more. Further, whenever they need medical support, all they need to do is call and somebody will be on hand. When making your decisions, it’s important to choose high levels of care, which you’ll find at assisted living Webster Groves mo.

Independent living houses residents in a supportive environment with access to gyms, quality dining venues, spa treatments, social areas, entertainment, and much more. Residents don’t have access to around-the-clock care but can call for emergency aid when needed.

Cost of Services

The cost of your next home will vary depending on the location and level of care needed. However, independent living is typically cheaper than assisted living. The prices for both can be expensive, so you will need to look into insurance policies and payment plans before making your choice. Further, to help you out with the cost of living, you can make some money by downsizing and selling some of your belongings.

Assisted and Independent Living

Staffing Availability

Independent living feels like more of a community, with very little interaction with staff. However, due to the nature of old age, residents can withdraw and become lonely and depressed, which is a serious medical concern. If you or a loved one is withdrawing from society in their independent living environment, it’s important to reach out to staff.

Assisted living is completely different because you will never be left alone for too long. You will have assessments carried out before moving into your new home, and caregivers will ensure you’re taken care of consistently. If at any point you require further support, your care plan will be amended to account for this.

Medical Facilities

Residents at independent care homes and assisted care homes may suffer from medical conditions, but the difference lies in the amount of medical support they need. If you’re in an assisted home, you will have access to high-end medical equipment whenever you need it. Alternatively, in independent living, you can access medical care in case of emergencies.

Leaving your forever home can be a scary process, but sometimes it’s needed to get the most out of life. Whether you choose assisted or independent living will depend on the level of care you need. If you start in independent care, there’s no harm in pivoting to an assisted care plan later on.

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