What Are the Side Effects in Children of PEMF?

Effects in Children of PEMF

PEMF, or Pulsed Electromagnetic field, is a gentle and pain-free way of relieving pain through low-level electromagnetic radiation. Due to this, it is a popular treatment for children suffering from pain. If you are wondering about the side effects of children who use PEMF technology, the following blog post is for you.

Why is PEMF Beneficial for Your Child’s Mental Health?

During a child’s growth stage, many go through both physical and hormonal changes, which can affect their behavioral and emotional stability profoundly. Through the help of PEMF, a child can be treated for Temper tantrums, emotional distress, and Physical Injuries they acquire. A child with Physical injuries can seek relief through the help of PEMF devices. PEMF therapy has proved to increase healing time from bruises, fractures, and even a sore throat.

The Pulsed magnetic field penetrates through the bone layer on the site of pain. Thus, as PEMF relieves a child’s pain, it also reduces the emotional distress they are feeling. In extreme cases of emotional distress, children may resort to showing erratic behavior such as Temper Tantrums. PEMF therapy can also help reduce the intensity of those tantrums. It can be proven that PEMF therapy conducted on a low setting of 3HZ can calm an upset child within 5 to 10 minutes.

Why is PEMF Used in Children?

PEMF treatment is preferred in treating pain in children due to its non-invasive nature. Direct current therapy can sometimes be felt by the recipient. Even though microcurrent doesn’t cause pain, children can be confused by this new and unfamiliar sensation. PEMF therapy is not conducted by direct contact with the skin, and your child may not even notice that they are receiving treatment. This makes the child more open and comfortable with receiving treatment.

Moreover, many children develop an array of side effects when they adhere to conventional treatments for pain, even developing drug tolerance diminishing the healing effect of the drug. PEMF is a gentle and pain-free method, making it the better option for pain relief in children. PEMF can be used on children suffering from conditions such as Asthma, bone growth issues, Headaches, Congenital heart problems, Diabetes, Immunodeficiency, and seizure disorders.

PEMF Beneficial in Children

Side Effects of PEMF on Children

As PEMF is a gentle and harmless procedure, the risk factors and symptoms associated with use are significantly less. However, using PEMF in children is probably unnecessary unless there are chronic health issues. Using PEMF does not enhance normal growth function or intelligence in children. However, it is advised not to use Higher Intensity PEMF on children without health issues as there is a potential risk of overstimulating tissue processes. Because of the known safety of PEMFs, when there are significant health issues, a trial of PEMFs is recommended to study how well suited it is to the child patient.

How can Children Benefit from PEMF?

Through the help of PEMF therapy, children’s learning, growth, sleep, and concentration can be improved. PEMF helps to energize brain cells and stimulate the Alpha brain wave state that helps to learn in the human brain. This aids children in learning new things in a better and more willing way. Through PEMF, as children are relieved of pain, they get better sleep as well. PEMF has helped children improve their quality of sleep as well as reduced daily nightmares and panic attacks. Improving sleep helps the child to focus better and thus aids concentration as well.

Final Word

We hope your queries are answered after reading this blog, and you know why PEMF is used by children, how PEMF can improve your child’s mental health, and what are symptoms a child going through PEMF therapy can have. PEMF is proven to help aid a child’s growth, concentration, and sleep and can be used to treat various conditions. Thus if you are considering a safer alternative to treat pain in children, try the PEMF apparatus at healthylineoutlet. You can find various articles and guides on that and can get more information about the PEMF and how it can help or affect the health of children. 


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