40 Most Popular and Interesting Stripper Names: A Complete List

stripper names

Strippers or exotic dancers have a difficult job working in a competitive field. One of the factors affecting a stripper’s success is their chosen stage name. Strippers may claim one or several stage names depending on where they are performing. These names are often based on some popular culture reference.

Whether you’re writing a book, thinking of names for your baby and want to avoid the risqué ones, or you are just curious about stripper names, here’s a list of the most popular stripper names today.

Funny Stripper Names


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#1. Kiki

Kiki means “double happiness.” It is the perfect nickname if your name starts with a K, whether you are a Karen or a Kourtney.

#2. Diamond

If your birthday is in April, the perfect stage name would be Diamond, your birthstone. It will also be indicative of your high value.

#3. Giggles

If you are looking for a funny and silly name that is bound to invite some chuckles, this is the perfect stripper name for you.

#4. Dixon

A traditional Scottish name, Dickson is a portmanteau of “son of Dick.” It’s a snarky and clever name for a male stripper.

#5. Delux

For strippers with an affinity for flashy costumes, Delux is a great name that gives off a glamorous and luxurious vibe.

#6. Champ

Champ is a famous name from the 19th century and a perfect name for male strippers. It means “warrior” in old English.

#7. Shortie/Shawty

A slang term for girlfriend, this is a perfect stripper name if you are also short! It is also a term of endearment.

#8. Rambo

If you are a male stripper with ripped muscles, then the name Rambo is perfect for you!

Sexy Stripper Names


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#9. Atasha

A sexy stripper name, Atasha means “freedom-loving” and “free-spirited.” You can even shorten it to Tasha.

#10. Devon

Devon is a name with Celtic origins meaning “defender” and refers to deep valley dwellers. It is also a variant for the name Devin, which means “poet” in Gaelic.

#11. Kira

Of Russian origin, Kira means “ruler of the people” and “beam of light.” Choose this name to confidently declare your superiority on the stage.

#12. Sarina

Meaning “the one who laughs” or “princess” in Hebrew, Sarina is a cute stage name for a sexy stripper.

#13. Sasha

Sasha can be a sexy name for both male and female strippers. It has Russian origin and means “defender of man.”

#14. Vixen

The epitome of all sexy names, Vixen means “sexually attractive women.”

#15. Katya

Katya means “pure” in Russian and is a shortened nickname for classic Russian names like Katherine or Catherine.

Cute Stripper Names


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#16. Daisy

Meaning “day’s eye” in old English, Daisy refers to the popular flower and can also mean “innocence.”

#17. Sunshine

Sunshine is a ray of light. A cute name for strippers with a bright personality.

#18. Buttercup

Buttercup is a yellow wildflower that can grow anywhere from streams and up in the mountains. These flowers and their plants are also poisonous when eaten raw. Sweet yet ferocious.

#19. Blossom

To Blossom is to bloom, and it’s a cute name for a stripper just starting out.

#20. Kitty

Like Sasha, Kitty also means “pure” and is a common nickname for Katherine.

#21. Phoebe

Of Greek origin, Phoebe means “clear,” “radiant,” and “bright.” Also a fun reference to the lovable F.R.I.E.N.D.S character Phoebe Buffay.

Cool & Catchy Stripper Names


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#22. Misty

Misty means covered in mist and dew. It is also the name of a Pokemon Master in the wildly popular anime Pokemon.

#23. Stormy

Stormy means “reckless nature” in America and “brave and beautiful” in Australia. If you have both these sides to your personality, this is the perfect stage name.

#24. Cherry

Cherry means “darling” or “dear one.” It’s a fun stripper name derived from the fruit and is also the anglicized word for the French “Chérie.”

#25. Jinx

Of Latin origin, Jinx eludes the name holder’s innate mischievous nature. It refers to “spells.”

#26. Ryder

Referring to equestrians, the name Rider is also associated with “mountain messengers” and “warriors.”

#27. Moxie

Moxie is a name that indicates “happy,” “fun,” and “energetic” but also exudes “unparalleled courage.”

Famous Stripper Names


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#28. Kylie

Meaning “boomerang” in native Australian, Kylie is a well-known name that also means “bright” and “graceful.”

#29. Foxxy

Foxxy means “cunning” and “sly cleverness,” and what more does a stripper want to convey when using their name? It can also refer to being appealing and attractive.

#30. Tatiana

Tatiana is a Russian name that means “to be honorable.” There are also several variants of this name, including “Tiana” and “Tatyanna” that are equally sexy names.

#31. Raven

Raven is a perfect name for strippers with long jet-black hair. Aside from that, the name also conveys wisdom.

#32. Margot

A variant of the Greek name Margaret and the French Margo, Margot means “pearl” in the Greek language.

#33. Ebony

This name has Greek, Egyptian, and Latin origins and refers to “a deep black wood.” If you are a dark-skinned woman, this could be a very popular stripper name.

Unique Stripper Names


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#34. Skyla

Of Dutch origin, Skyla means “scholar.” It can also be a perfect male stripper name in the form of “Skyler.”

#35. Quinn

Quinn is another unisex name with roots in the Gaelic language. It means “counsel.”

#36. Nova

Nova is a supernova, meaning a “new star” in astrology. Perfect for strippers who are firecrackers.

#37. Tiara

Tiara is a Latin name that means “crown.” This is a unique name for strippers who exude royalty, guaranteed to be remembered by everyone.

#38. Cashmere

A gender-neutral stripper name, Cashmere could be adopted by both male and female strippers. Referring to the fiber used to make luxurious garments, this is a great name to portray grandeur.

#39. Lilith

Lilith means “belonging to the night” in its Babylonian origin, and it is also coincidentally appropriate to this profession as it heralds the night.

#40. Ophelia

Ophelia is a Greek name that means “benefit” and “aid.” It is also the name of the Shakespearian heroine from Hamlet.

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